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  1. Hi joshhh, thank you very much, this one works :-) Hopefully I have not infected the Windows system with the other versions that where not functional. I've searched, downloaded and unpacked them on Mac OS, but started them on Windows. Because it's on an extra hdd I'm normally not using, I have no antivirus installed on the system ...
  2. Hi everybody, today I wanted to install the modified BIOS for my T410. So I "downgraded" to the original 1.43 and tried to install the one provided by joshhh. But how can I install the ROM-File on my system? It seems that "Phoenix WinPlash" is the simplest method, but I was not able to find a working version in the internet (both versions I tried produced an error). Does s.b. has a (working) link for me please? Or is there a better, easier, ... solution available, normaly I'm using Mac OS, but I also have Linux installed on the system. If Windows is an answer, I have to plug in the original Win 7 hdd to get it working. Thanks a lot, mac4tp
  3. Hi, again I was wrong :-( Win 7 and Linux seemed to be stable, I could install some Win software and a lot of updates without issues and I also was able to install Linux on the T410 without any hang or similar. So I though that it has to be a problem with Mac OS X. But then I generated quite a lot CPU load with a bash-script on Linux, the temperature went up to 82°C and the laptop freezed after some minutes. This was reproducable on Linux and on Mac OS X too. So it seems, that it was not my Mac OS X installation but the powermanagement on a Hackintosh still is not as good as it is on Windows or Linux. So finally I disasembled the T410, removed the CPU cooler and as far as I could see, there was not enough thermal grease between cooler and CPU :-( So I removed it and replaced it with new one, put all together and now it seems that every thing works as expected. Again I tried to "heat up" the CPU with my bash scripts, now the temperature does not go over 79°C and even after 10 minutes, the system still is not freezed. Hopefully I have a stable and fast system now for long time, because it is extremely annoying if the system does not work. And I think that the quality control should be improved for some dealers, because both errors (speaker and cooler) are quite easy to check! So thanks again for any ideas and help in the forum! PS: "I've installed Lion on my T410 i7 with NVidia/256 and it works mostly perfect. Lion is 10.7.5 and BIOS is updated to the latest original-lenovo 1.44."
  4. Hi joshhh, I attached my DSDT to this post. Two additions: - I have this problem with the original 4 GB RAM but also with my new 8 GB RAM configuration. - Since today, the T410 seems to be stable again, no idea why, because everything I have done, was installing Linux on an other partition, reinstalling Chameleon as boot-loader (because Linux killed the old one) and reinstalled the latest version of ######. But all this was done using my "service-system" and not the productive one I'm using now. And an other addition: - I worked some hours with the T410, then it freezes again. I powered off the system, started it, logged in and while Mac OS restored the windows, it freezed again :-( Again I powered off and started it, then doing some other work, logged in some minutes later and now it seems to work. Finally (?) the last one: - Right now I can work an hour or more with the system, without any problems. Yesterday I made photo- and video-sorting from my HD-cam for about two hours, then some web and banking stuff when the laptop freezed. Today I'm doing some web, email, banking and terminal/ssh-work since some hours and "still" no problem. I don't think it's the temperature, because iStat tells me temperatures around 55°C when it crashes, while temperatures over 70°C don't make any problems. Still no idea what it can be :-( @tluck: No, I don't think so. I checked the system.log, but I did not find any of these entries. And it worked before I got it back from repair. Thank you very much, DSDT_T410_2522-3FG_130126.txt
  5. finally I decided to send my T410 to the dealer to get it repaired, this was a week before Chrismas. They changed the speaker but figuered out, that the shortcut also damaged the board, so they had to order it. Today I got the Laptop back, the good news are, that the speaker-sound is working now, on every system, even on Mac OS X 10.7. But while the ThinkPad seems to run as expected on Win 7 and Linux (means stable, no crashes, no hangs etc.), on Mac OS X it's now mostly unusable, because it hangs very frequently. Just after login, when opening the Finder or Forklift, when copying s.th., when minimizing a window to the Dock and even when starting, login and then waiting for a short time. When it hangs, it shows the screen as it was, time stops, the mouse-pointer freezes and I have to poweroff the Laptop. Before the repair was done, the system was very stable on Mac OS X and (mostly) everything worked as desired. I already made a BIOS-update to the latest version (1.44) and the same I had on the old board, I loaded the BIOS-defaults and set all options as they have been on the old board, but this does not change anything. And also my Mac OS on my service-partition has the same problem, so it seems not to be the particulare installation. How can I figure out where the problem can be, right now I have no idea where I can search for :-( And a short other question: What is the best and easiest way to update the BIOS with the custom one you modified? Will there be an modified BIOS for the current T410 v1.44-BIOS? Thanks a lot, PS: "I've installed Lion on my T410 i7 with NVidia/256 and it works mostly perfect. Lion is 10.7.5 and BIOS is updated to the latest original-lenovo 1.44."
  6. thank you very much for your answer, so I'll get such a card. (And next week I have to send my T410 to get changed the speaker, even if it's a very little repair, I'm not allowed to fix it by my self without voiding the warranty :-( )
  7. Hi all, I did not found a reliable answer to this: Is the "Ericsson f3507g" UMTS/3G-card supported by 10.7 if using it in my T410? Thanks a lot,
  8. Hi Joshhh, unfortunately I think you are wrong with this (see picture) :-( Which idiot has done this??? Now I have to look how I get resolved this "issue", either I have warranty from the dealer where I bought the laptop used, or I still have IBM warranty. I think that audio probably never was working on this laptop, but it also is possible the the used-laptops dealer has done this, so IBM warranty will not count. And actually I do not want to send my laptop fo weeks to repair, so might be I just try to get a new speaker and replace the old one and hope, that the shortcut did not kill anything on the board.
  9. Aaargggg ... I just booted a Linux-Live-CD and guess what? No sound on speakers, OK could be the same problem like on Mac OS ... But then I grabbed out an old harddrive, put the Lenovo Win7-Revovery on it and booted it. No sound on speakers (but on headphone) . I have to admit that I never booted anything else than Mac OS on this system and that I have the laptop only since some weeks. But I never was thinking that there even was the possibility that the speakers could be defunct. I'm using ThinkPad since 15 years or so and this never happend to one of them :-( Hopefully it's just the cable that is not connected. @Joshhh: Thanks a lot for your efforts, sorry for bothering you with this and hopefully you received my small "thank you" a day ago or so ...
  10. still no luck :-( Headphones and Internal Speakers now are seperated in the Audio-prefs, if I select "Headphones" I get sound through them, if I select "Internal Speakers" I get nothing anymore. What about others on their T410, do they get audio through the internal speakers? PS: "I've installed Lion on my T410 i7 with NVidia/256 and it works mostly perfect. Lion is 10.7.5 and BIOS is updated to the latest original-lenovo 1.44."
  11. Hi joshhh, thank you very much for this. I've seen that you added a "Platforms.xml" to the resources-directory, unfortunately it does not change anything either. What do you mean with "unpair speakers-headphones in sound config" and how is it done? If I go to the Audio-Preferences, I see on the "Output"-tab, that I have "Name: Internal Speakers, Typ: Integriert" (funny it's mixed German and English language), if I plug in my headphones, it changes to "Name: Headphones, Typ: Integriert" and the audio is played. On the "Input"-tab I have "Line In" (not tested) and "Internal microphone" which is working if I select it. On my old T60 with SL I had running the VoodooHDA, but I had several problems with it, like KPs and non-working audio after resume, so I do not want to try this again. Does it make any difference that I am using the latest 1.44 BIOS on my T410, would it make sense to downgrade to your patched 1.43-version? Is there a way to get audio working without patching the AppleHDA and just changing the DSDT for the laptop? PS: "I've installed Lion on my T410 i7 with NVidia/256 and it works mostly perfect. Lion is 10.7.5 and BIOS is updated to the latest original-lenovo 1.44."
  12. no, it seems that I can't :-( I was looking in the differences of the two patched AppleHDA's for 10.8, I found out that the MacOS/AppleHDA-binaries are different and that Joshhh changed two "NodeIDs" in the compressed Resources/Platforms.xml. But I have no clue what was patched in the MacOS/AppleHDA and in addition there is no Resources/Platforms.xml.zlib in the 10.7 kext that could be changed. I even was not able to determine, from where Joshhh got the information about the pin-layout for input-/output channels. So I just have to wait (or always attach headphones/speakers) : -)
  13. in the very first post it says that both should work OOB. And for my T410 with 10.7.5 I can confirm that. On the other hand, sound also should work, but it does not work for me. So if you do not have the exact same machine with same BIOS and same OS, your results may differ, but anyway I would recheck the installation again.
  14. Hi joshhh, thank you very much for your patience. well, I have 10.7.5 installed I think this is Lion? And the AppleHDA that is working with headphones comes from the Lion-directory in your "T410-files" available in the first post. A quick look in the zip-files tells me that I'm using the correct version and that you probably attached the ML version (not too bad, because if a ML USB-Install-stick will be available, I will buy it and perhaps will upgrade to 10.8): $ ll OSX\ 10.6\ Snow\ Leopard/System-Library-Extensions/AppleHDA.kext/Contents/MacOS/ 2074024 3 Sep 20:37 AppleHDA $ ll OSX\ 10.7\ Lion/System-Library-Extensions/AppleHDA.kext/Contents/MacOS/ 1636848 12 Jul 23:21 AppleHDA $ ll OSX\ 10.8\ Mountain\ Lion/System-Library-Extensions/AppleHDA.kext/Contents/MacOS/ 830120 25 Aug 00:28 AppleHDA PS: Sorry for the inconvenience, I thought that you still had "in memory" about which system I was speaking. In future I just will add: "I've installed Lion on my T410 i7 with NVidia/256 and it works mostly perfect. Lion is 10.7.5 and BIOS is updated to the latest original-lenovo 1.44."
  15. Hi joshhh, thanks a lot for the answer. Unfortunately it doesn't work, with this AppleHDA I don't get any audio at all (volume is grayed out). I figured out, that the "AppleHDA.kext/Contents/MacOS/AppleHDA" are quite different, the mostly working version is "1636848 12 Jul 23:21" while the not working version you attached says "830120 20 Aug 02:11". The version.plist seems to be the same: BuildVersion: 7 CFBundleVersion: 2.3.1f2 SourceVersion: 231004002000000 Any Idea? And is there s.th. I can modify by my self to get it working?