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  1. Running Windows on an Apple

    I need to run Windows for certain accounting software I use, but I have a few questions I need help with before I invest a lot of what little money I have right now. To run Windows with Bootcamp, your system has to be completely restarted and booted up in Windows, correct? In Parallels, I know you run Windows essentially within OSX, so would I benefit from also upgrading from Tiger to Leopard, then running either XP/Vista in Parallels? And lastly, heh, XP or Vista?
  2. Mouse help, please asap

    clean your computer desk well clean your mouse well
  3. Alright here's the deal-- I have a y-cable running from the headphone jack on my iMac, to my audio receiver. Half of the time, I like having the sound from my computer running to my audio system so I can listen to my music real loud. But, the other half of the time I don't want the sound running through my system and rocking my room. Right now, I just pop the audio cable in and out of the headphone jack when I want to change where the sound goes, but is there a way I can leave the cable plugged in at all times and just switch the output source from my comp? I've been searching and so far it doesn't seem like I can . If you can help i'll be really really psyched.
  4. so my 2.13ghz intel imac, running tiger can support up to 3gb ram.. would upgrading to leopard / snow leopard allow me to use more ram?
  5. Folder Icons

    how can i change the icons of folders i create.. ie not the standard blue folder
  6. Nestopia SNES Emulator

    anyone have a good site for downloading roms compatible with the SNES emulator Nestopia?