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  1. I have found a solution for this problem: do not run the whole package installer but single package in Packages directory.
  2. I have tried to install xcode311_2517_developerdvd.dmg but it has a problem with chud, but I can not omit chud by configure setup process. It seems previous Xcode has those option, Is it? I can not try them one by one? Does somebody install Xcode successfully? Please tell me its version, thank you very much!
  3. nForce LAN driver

    eno's latest version solves this problem very well, Thank you very much!
  4. nForce LAN driver

    Somebody in the forum has explained the problem. I hope the author can resolve this problem, , I'm appreciate your hard work. HI! You're correct, the problem is (2). The original forcedeth (Linux, not the Mac OS X port) has some code to reset the phy that is absent in the OSX port. With Windows XP there is exactly the same problem as yours (Boot XP -> reset & boot Mac OS X -> NIC doesn't work). It seems that the Windows driver leaves the NIC in a state which is non operative. As I already explained to you, the forcedeth port to Mac OS X doesn't reset the phy as in Linux. The only thing that is going to fix this problem is to add the code that is lacking in the OS X port (another solution is to shutdown the computer completely for 15 seconds or load Ubuntu than reboot and load OS X).
  5. I have read from stickt post How to ask questions in this forum: If you're new to OS X, try starting with Tiger first, as there are a number of easily installable DVD's already available around the internet that will - hopefully - make your first experience with OS X a pleasant one. The post was written in Mar 10 2006, so how about now? my computer's hardware is AMD Sempron and ASUS K8N-VM board(Chipset NVIDIA GeForce 6100 + nForce 410, sound, network card in chip). Thank you very much!