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  1. cabb

    Bluetooth help

    ok so i found my issue the rocketfish was not compatible. So i went out bought me a cheap 20 doller usb iogear adapter from walmart and it works great. Now i have to figure out how to get my S9 headset to stay conected and get the sound to work lol Anyway for those who are having the bluetooth issue go out get urself a cheap iogear adap... and itall work drove me crazy for a couple of weeks. Anyway GL to all
  2. Hello everyone iv bin trying to locate the bluetooth kexts on my system which i cant find at all i have kalyway install 10.5.2 i think it is can anyone helpl? thanks
  3. Ok so i finally managed to get os x 10.5.2 kelway installed on my pc. i have everything working axx for my dongle bluetooth from rocketfish. Now i see it in system properties but when i go to appp to run bluetooth app says no device found. so i started looking for the iobluetooth kext files in system/ext thingy and i didnt find not one bluetooth file at all anyone can post a link to wer to grab em? thanks
  4. cabb

    Can anyone help!

    ok i have a asus pn5-e sli mobo i have nforce driver installed on my ox x but it freezes once in a while a pain in de azzz. Anyway can anyone point me out to a wokring pci nic card that works with os x. thanks
  5. cabb

    nForce LAN driver

    UPDATE GREAT work man finally got it. After i beat the sh*t out of my keyboard it works great. Only thing is it keeps locking up mouse and keyboard when im updating os. Any help on how to fix i also tryed -v -f cpus=1 and it locks up \ thanks
  6. cabb

    nForce LAN driver

    ok im going nuts i have an asus pn5-e and i installed this kext now i go to pref... and down to network and dont even see the ethernet at all any help