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    [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Hi everyone, Trying to fix a friend's hackintosh that had some issues after he installed an iTunes update (on SL). Decided to install Lion, but I have a problem. I used elviejo's instructions, but couldn't boot my installed Lion. Gave me that horrendous "still waiting for boot device error". The only way my Lion install booted without that error is when I deleted the dsdt.aml supplied by elviejo. After generating my own dsdt.aml using DSDT Patcher GUI, I can boot fine, but don't have sound (I did install the supplied AppleHDA.kext). Upon inspection of the dsdt there doesn't seem to be any HDEF section. Being an absolute beginner on this DSDT stuff, I'm wondering if I should copy the relevant HDEF part from elviejo's dsdt into mine. And which part the relevant one is, I wouldn't know. Neither how to proceed. Haven't seem to have found a DSDT for dummies guide and all other instructions concerning dsdt are so advanced they make my head spin.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if it is at all possible to configure Chameleon in such a way that it prompts me which dsdt to load. My aim is to have one external hard drive with an OS X installation that can be used on multiple computers. The way I imagine it is that I can select at the Chameleon prompt which dsdt and kext folder it should use. Is this at all possible? Thanks for your help!
  3. peejay

    TV-Out for D945GCLF2 - Please Help!

    I am also very interested in this... . Thanks to anyone who can help us!
  4. Still didn't get this to work reliably. Without any kexts or with the DSDT svideo out works, but I get kernel panics when I use Screen Sharing, so something isn't quite right. No progress yet?
  5. Trying to get svideo to work I already tried that, and can confirm you get SVideo. BUT: I keep getting kernel panics when I use Screen Sharing, so something isn't right. Does anyone have an idea as to why this is and how to solve it? Thanks in advance.
  6. S-Video worked on my 10.5.6 rig using only the original kexts. Problem is you can't change resolution and Screen Sharing causes a kernel panic. I'm still looking for a solution...
  7. Have you modified your Install.mpkg? If not, I believe installing on an mbr drive is not allowed by the Leopard installer....
  8. Thanks for this guide. I arrived at this point myself after some digging. However, I also would like to get my s-video output working and it's very hard to find some good info on it. Has anyone had any success? It's the last thing on my checklist to do.
  9. Succeeded in getting this baby running 10.5.5 retail and it works pretty well. One thing I'm still looking to resolve is the S-Video out port? Did anyone get the S-Video out to work? The HCL says it works using the default Leopard kexts, but that doesn't work for me. Anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance. And if you have any questions, shoot!
  10. peejay

    Kernel panics using dwl-g122

    I have the same problems with this stick. Using the latest official ralink drivers for Leopard. Keep getting kernel panics. Any possible solution? I might also be looking for a completely compatible alternative, but there are a lot of conflicting statements on this forum about which ones absolutely work. Your help is greatly appreciated...
  11. peejay

    D-Link DWL-G122 Rev. C1 working

    Okay. Seems I was a bit too optimistic. The driver gives me kernel panics from time to time. Using the latest driver from the Taiwanese ralink site. Really annoying. Might ditch this stick and look for a compeletely compatible one (which is hard to find, with all these contradicting statements on this forum).
  12. peejay

    D-Link DWL-G122 Rev. C1 working

    Just a description of my experiences with this adapter. I installed the 10.4 drivers that are located on the D-Link install cd on my 10.5 system. Wifi works, had to add a new ethernet interface in system preferences. However, I had to plug it in after each boot, otherwise it would not work. Then I messed about a bit with some home made drivers and replug fixes I found on this forum. Didn't solve a thing. But now I noticed there are new drivers from Ralink (manufacturer of the chipset in this usb stick) for Leopard! The catch is that they'r only available on their Taiwanese site :-) . Here they are: http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/Home/Support/Macintosh.html (get the second usb package) No problems at all anymore. Pity there's no airport menu, though.
  13. Thanks for this extraordinary useful guide! Although I slightly tweaked your instructions for my Asus P5K-VM. Ditched my Kalyway install for this and Leopard is a lot smoother now. Thanks again.
  14. peejay

    Please recomend PCI SATA Port card ?