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    [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Hi everyone, Trying to fix a friend's hackintosh that had some issues after he installed an iTunes update (on SL). Decided to install Lion, but I have a problem. I used elviejo's instructions, but couldn't boot my installed Lion. Gave me that horrendous "still waiting for boot device error". The only way my Lion install booted without that error is when I deleted the dsdt.aml supplied by elviejo. After generating my own dsdt.aml using DSDT Patcher GUI, I can boot fine, but don't have sound (I did install the supplied AppleHDA.kext). Upon inspection of the dsdt there doesn't seem to be any HDEF section. Being an absolute beginner on this DSDT stuff, I'm wondering if I should copy the relevant HDEF part from elviejo's dsdt into mine. And which part the relevant one is, I wouldn't know. Neither how to proceed. Haven't seem to have found a DSDT for dummies guide and all other instructions concerning dsdt are so advanced they make my head spin.