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  1. Hi, I seem to have voodoohda detecting correctly my audio devices, etc. But when I play any audio (music, video, youtube...) It correctly plays 1 second, but then it goes mute. I have the second HDMI Audio output selected. I've been tinkering with the Audio/Midi tool, and every time I change format options, I get about 1 second audio, less if I set it in "8 channels-24bit , enter" (let's say half a second). I tried DSDT configuration, SSDT, toleda's solutions (I get no HDMI audio from them), HDMIAudio.kext, etc. etc. I had it working properly with Yosemite, this seems to be happening only in El Capitan for me (I am going try and reinstall Yosemite when it downloads, to properly test). If there is anyone with a solution or fix, I'd greatly appreciate if it's shared! UPDATE: It turned out allowMSI was the problem. It was turned on by default in 2.8.8 and I had it off before. I don't know what it does, but it gives me proper audio output <key>AllowMSI</key> <false/>
  2. I am almost sure that my crashes were related to the audio kext in my T410, I am using the one from http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/98-applehda-for-conexant-cx20585-ml-108/ (download) and I get no Sound Assertion messages. I can also confirm that those kexts are working in mavericks (I had to upgrade consecutively until DP8, as installing the combo update directly gave me problems with the nvidia graphics cards). Finally I got a perfect mac laptop! I had to buy another motherboard, as my graphics card died on my old one (and still had crashes on this one, so it wasn't the graphics card crashing the system) The only thing that I'm looking to improve in my laptop is cooling, I think the laptop gets quite hot easily, I'm going to install a new heatsink, but maybe the power management and fan control could be improved, if I get any improvements, I'll share here.
  3. I just want to confirm that the minipcie slot on the T410 is working with a Atheros 9380 full size card bought from eBay, more specifically: 02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9300 Wireless LAN adaptor [168c:0030] (rev 01) The details are in this page: http://www.sparklan.com/product.php?func=view&prod_id=181 just in case someone has troubles finding a half size card or has another one lying around :-)
  4. I using a AR9280 (Half size minipcie, [168c:002a]) and it gets detected automatically. I still have to check if it's running at full speed though, I have a full size AR9390 (but needed space for the wwan card) and I had way better speeds on file transfers. BTW, joshhh is there a reason there is no ThinkpadUltraNav.kext in the T410 package (or any other package, for that matter)? Is it not working properly? (Ok, I just found it inside the VoodooPS2Controller.kext) The Track Point is not working for me
  5. Did you update after installing? I am having exactly the same problem. It only happens once you update to 10.8.2. After that, the only way to boot is with the -x flag. EDIT: After using Joshhh's kexts from page 6, the machine boots as normal (got a KP once at login screen, but now I don't).
  6. Avoiding to turn off the hard drive won't fix the issue :-( It seems I have serious problems with my drive... I'm going to try removing the DVD drive. UPDATE: I was able to copy the files without any crashes, by removing the DVD drive. Hopefully I have an USB Bluray reader :-)
  7. Hello! First of all, I'd like to thank Joshhh, for providing us with such an easy and straightforward way to have Mountain Lion installed in our Thinkpads (I have a t410 with 256mb nVidia graphics). I am having some troubles, though. I'm getting some ramdom crashes in my system, for no apparent reason. Recently I've nailed it down to file operations, specially with large transfers with a lot of files, as the User's Library directory. First I noticed while copying it with Finder.app, as the system would crash, without leaving a hint in the log files. Next I tried doing it in single user mode (booting with the -s flag), getting a kernel panic, screengrabs of which I attach in this message. I have a OCZ Vertex 4 SSD Drive(latest firmware installed), I tried both with Trim Enabler and without. I also checked the drive with Lenovo's bios' utility. Is anyone having similar troubles? Does anyone know how to fix this? UPDATE: I just got some more messages in my last crash. the messages I get are: SerialATAPI device reconfiguration did not complete successfully (failedCommandInfo = 0x1) (repeated 6 times) SerialATAPI Terminating due to unrecoverable Reset error - drive has stopped responding. (resetType = 0x0, newPowerState = 0x01, failedCommandInfo = 0x01) I'm not sure if they are related to the crash, but they might add some information... UPDATE (again): I avoided the crashes by removing the DVD Drive, it's not an elegant solution, but I already ordered an Optical Bay hard disk caddy :-)
  8. Thanks LatinMcG I'll try getting another wireless card for my laptop. It seems strange, as the card was taken out of an Apple device and it was working perfectly with Lion out of the box.
  9. I just updated to 10.7.3 (Build 11D46) and get the following message upon boot: Jan 23 05:31:14 localhost kernel[0]: start [/sourceCache/AirPortDriverAtheros9380/AirPortDriverAtheros9380-430.14.9/src/common/lmac/ath_dev/darwin/AtherosController.cpp:962] load failed I can't access Wi-fi now (no hardware found). Anyone got this message and fixed it? (I've seen it's not a specifc message to this version). I also got a kext error message after installation, I think it was related to not being able to load Apple16X50 IIRC (but I think this shouldn't be related to this error message).
  10. Jappiman

    P5K-SE - Retail Leopard Instalation

    I used to have crashes on my system too ( P5K-E wifi/AP ). Some time ago I found a thread where they have kexts for the jmicron controller that are working better with more than 3 gb of ram (sometimes leopard crashed to me because of the controller). I also had for a while some crashes because of the integrated network card, using the yukon driver. (now I'm using a PCI network card, so I can't tell) For myself, I "solved" it by removing temporarily one of the memory dimms, leaving 3gb and no crashes. Hope you can find something useful here Greetings, Victor
  11. Jappiman

    ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    I had the same problem installing the latest version (for leopard 10.5.6) from the 2nd of january. I solved it by installing back the previous drivers (for leopard 10.5.5). I have them working without any troubles now. (apart from not being able to put the computer to sleep and wake up properly). The filename for the driver I have working is "ATI Radeon HD - 10.5.x - 10.5.5 kexts.pkg" My card is also a ATI Radeon HD 2600 pro PCIe
  12. Jappiman

    ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    Radeon HD 2600 pro PCI Express is not working properly with the driver from 2nd of january (in leopard 10.5.6), it shows some "interference" lines in different colors, but it works fine for me with the installer for version 10.5.5.
  13. Jappiman

    Network stops working after some time

    It might be due to the pci express? I got something that could relate to it, some kind of irq problem? This is the relevant log information when the network stopped: It's an intel P35 chipset, the mainboard is a p5k-e wifi-AP 10/29/08 11:23:06 PM kernel AppleYukon: 00000010,00000272 skgesirq - AppleYukon: error - PCI express protocol violation error 10/29/08 11:23:06 PM kernel AppleYukon: 00000010,00000264 skgesirq - AppleYukon: error - unexpected IRQ Status error 10/29/08 11:23:06 PM kernel AppleYukon: 00000000,00000000 skgehw - cppSkDrvEvent - SK_DRV_ADAP_FAIL Edit: Tried changing the kernel, but no luck either (voodo 9.5 beta)
  14. Jappiman

    Network stops working after some time

    Hmm, sometimes (a lot of) times it happens when I open a new connection, for example, then I start to download some files, or when I start an online java game (games.asobrain.com) Its quite annoying: i am downloading something, I go to games.asobrain.com, start a game and it hangs at half of the loading. But I restart the computer, repeat the process, and it works! I tried iAtkos v4i (10.5.4 with update to 10.5.5) and iDeneb 1.3 (10.5.5). Once it seemed to be working allright with the iDeneb installation, but I had to reinstall because my HDD fried . I also used those methods: - Driver from installation disk (iDeneb once seemed to work once upon a time) - Driver from p5ke package on the forum - Both above combined, installing first the pkg from the install disk - Driver from OSX86 tools.