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  1. ASUS P5B Deluxe - Snow Leopard Thread

    I managed to get a vanilla Snow Leopard install working over the weekend, mainly using this guide. I had to set my HD to use IDE instead of AHCI in BIOS, to then use IOATAfmaily.kext . I read on the myHack website that using this kext is fine up to 10.6.2, but using this kext caused kernal panics when used with the beta of OS 10.6.3. Unless this is fixed (unlikely) then it looks like at some point int the future, we will have to abandon IOATAfamily.kext. Rather than using an AHCI injector and yellow icon fixes, it makes more sence to patch the DSDT. I have used DSDTSE to patch my DSDT to enable native AHCI, but this has not worked. I found myself removing about 400 hunderd lines of code, and replacing it with about 50. This kind of felt a bit wrong... The Master Chief P5K Pro DSDT thread looks very useful, but will it solve problems on a P5B Deluxe? I guess its worth trying, as the architecture cant be that disimilar...(famous last words...) Has anyone else managed to patch their DSDTs sucessfully to fix USB and ACHI storage problems on a P5B-D? We could do with someone in this thread who is as experienced at patching DSDTs as Master Chief, but owns a P5B Deluxe! Shall we club together and buy Master Chief a P5B-D?.... (joke)
  2. thanks devish. DS3 and DS4 have the same firewire chip, so all should be good
  3. thanks very much for this excellent detailed guide. it was a useful read for me, who was previously a bit confused about efi stuff. i do not fancy installing windows 7 yet (at least until early next year when bugs are ironed out), and would prefer xp. it seem from googling that chameleon rc2 does not like booting windows xp. can anyone recommend a bootloader which can, which would also be configurable in a way similar to this guide? (eg, adding appropriate efi strings to com.apple.Boot.plist, copying kexts to efi partition, etc). I would quite like to follow this well written guide, but using a different bootloader. also, I am planning on purchasing a GA-EP45-DS4. it is pretty much the same, except has slightly different pcie slot configuration, and has firewire. i had a search for kexts relating to the firewire chipset, but could not find any info. is data concerning the firewire chipset (TSB43AB23 chip) contained in another kext? or is it already supported by osx? sorry about the vague questions which dont quite relate to your guide.