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  1. Merom MacBook Pro in August

    +1 !!!!! A black style would be awesome... I saw a picture on a website, I hope it wasn't a photoshopjob...
  2. Callisto Technical Discussion

    Thx a lot! There is good news!!! I will think...
  3. Callisto Technical Discussion

    Hi everyone, I need to change my graphic card, COuld anyone advise me a card, which is almost perfectly for Tiger? (QE/CI, cursor doesn't fall into pieces after iPhoto or openGl apps, resolution and refresh rate switching). Obviously, I refered to the user testimony section, but I'd like to be very sure. I mean, if you should buy a new one, which card will you buy? (and not too expensive, if it's possible!!). Thank you very much to all for that great great work.
  4. Callisto Technical Discussion

    Thx, I'm trying
  5. Callisto Technical Discussion

    Ok thx, and what is the command to edit a file in -x mode? Or could anyone explain me how to remove the driver in single user mode? So that I could install it again. Thx PLEASE if you know, help me, because I'm here to wait!!! and I googled without any answers...
  6. Callisto Technical Discussion

    Thx, but How Can I do to edit that file? I don't see anything! I don't even know how to use the single user mode to remove callisto.kext, and install it again!
  7. Callisto Technical Discussion

    Hi everyone, just installed callisto alpha 002, which is a real success with a radeon X300SE (0X5b60), except some crappy mouse artifacts! I need some help please, because I selected a too high refresh rate for my monitor. My CRT display is awful now, and I'm totally blind. Please, could anyone tell me how to fix this? Meaning, How can I do to decrease my refresh rate if I'm not able to see anything? Many thanks
  8. omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    Thank you Autoy, I'll try that new soft as soon as I'll be back home. I never heard about that, so thx you!!!
  9. omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    Hey, that's greta news!! To cyclone : an invisible mouse cursor!!!??? Could you explain? That would be a kinda hardly difficult working with, what do you think?
  10. Patched or not?

    Salut, quel est le nom exact de ton iSo? (ou le md5 si tu as) Et oui, je pense que tu peux repatcher. Et désolé si je me trompe pour le français, mais je pense que tu dois l'être !!!lol
  11. Help me please!

    Yaeh, go on, it would be OK. What's your Graphic chip?
  12. My system not reboot!

    Same problem for me, My system doesn't reboot. I don't know why, but I'm pretty sure that bios configuration is not responsible. And That's true, you're right, your english sucks !!!!!! (I'm joking !) Cheers,
  13. OS X 10.4.5 on A8N-E

    Enjoy man!
  14. OS X 10.4.5 on A8N-E

    Yeah, I'm glad thi helped. Buy a cheap USB keyboard, and enjoy!!! (Apple USB keyboard is not so expensive!!)
  15. ATI Radeon X1300 256MB

    I'm sorry Spawn you're totally right! My mistake, I got a X300 card, not a X1300 !! Sorry, cheers!