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  1. i'm sorry andy, but this wont solve anything. The latest AndyBoot CD, did not updated my previously chameleon, and when i try to enter lion with the old andyboot Cd chamaleon, i get KP. Even with fdisk, i could not get my lion partition to boot first and show the latest chamaleon, its Always boot first my snow leo chamaleon. Thx.
  2. Hi guys, i have a HD with 3 partitions. In the first(disk0s2) i have a snowLeo and i now installed in the third(disk0s4) the 10.7.2 with success. As far as i try to make the 3 partition as primary and active i always get the andy boot 2.0 from the snowLeo booting first.. is there anything i can do to get andy's boot 5.0 from my third partition to boot first? thanks. ps: i don't get where is the chamaleon installed. I thought that was in the EFI(disk0s1), and maybe a version shock was happen but found nothing in there. thx
  3. Cuda on OSX problem

    hi Wahoo, i'm facing the same problem here.. when i execute for instance the "GPUSniffer" from adobe premiere, it tells me that "didn't find any Cuda device that support Cuda" . 10.6.2 here with Cuda driver installed. it seems that we forgot something...
  4. Hi, anyone got a raid0 setup working with this board? thx.
  5. Hello guys, i'm running iDeneb v4 10.5.6 my nc8430 LCD has a different high res than the rest of you(1280x800). I edit the EDID on the ATI INJECT, but i only get some vertical black and white lines on the screen. Anybody can help me? thanks.