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  1. Audio works, kernel crash on reboot!

    yea i have.. do you mean once I instasll voodoo? because I install voodoo kext, it crashes, then I delete apple hda but it just and voodoo but it appears there again when I reboot Also would like to mention, if i type -s at boot i see the kernel crashes when its saying the line: driver.AudioAUUC failed to load
  2. Guys, I have been looking for two days now and NO solution. I load Voodoo kexts from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and i get FULL audio. When I restart, kernel crash everytime. Have to startup in safe mode, remove voodoo kext and try again. I cant find ANYTHING on this audio device . Can ANYONE help me on this? Here is my setup Running iAtkos Lion 1 IDT 92HD75B Audio Card Voodoo kexts work perfect when I install them, on reboot I get a kernel crash...
  3. So this is my second Hackintosh setup, and i've looked everywhere for a way to bypass this. I installed Lion on my Elitebook 8540p with NO problem except my trackpad doesnt work, only keyboard. I managed to navigate through the install using only the keyboard but when I get to the Lion startup, it keeps saying "No mouse or trackpad detected, please connect one now" and it just stays there with NO way of skipping this step. I am using iAtkos L1 and installed straight up, no configuration tweaks (otherwide I get several errors) I tried connecting a USB mouse but didnt work either, probably because my USB doesnt work yet. Is there ANY WAY to bypass this screen???
  4. no kext preventing startup?

    I searched around the forum for nVidia8600GT drivers but everyone says to look at the Install DISK because it should be there. During the customization part I DID select nVidia drivers but obviously they didnt work. What should I do then? could the video card be the reason it won't start in normal mode?
  5. no kext preventing startup?

    Ok so then that means its an issue with either my audio or video right? Can i disable those kexts altogether so I can log in normally or do I have to fix those issues before even logging in?
  6. I just tried iAtkos 5.5 and installed fine. On startup it freezes on the Apple logo, I can only boot by typing -x When in safeboot, it says under Graphics "no kext loaded" . Is this because its in safe boot or because the drivers arent properly installed? I selected my video card "nVidia 8600GT" from the DVD install, but I dont know if its properly installed. Could this be why I cant get into OS X? when i run "-v" everything seems fine, the only thing i see odd is : ERROR: firewire unable to determine security-mode; defaulting to full secure display: family specific matching fails and some other drivers failed: AppleHDADriver Any help would be appreciated!
  7. OS X SLOW!

    Thanks Donk, that worked out fine. it does have a stutter but atleast its sound. i'm on Tiger now and pretty happy with it. do u think leopard would run much slower?
  8. OS X SLOW!

    Thanks alot Donk. I got the USB working by just playing around with the settings. VMWare really amazes me. Is your audio working?
  9. OS X SLOW!

    thanks for the tip. very useful. I switched now to 1 cpu but dont feel much of a difference. is there anything in particular you have to do to make the usb work? or did it just work for you right off the bat?
  10. OS X SLOW!

    when u say 'additional overhead', what does that mean as far as the speed difference of 1 vs 2? sorry but I am new at virtualization
  11. OS X SLOW!

    I'm sorry but what does that mean?
  12. OS X SLOW!

    I have read around in some forums that USB will not work on vmware with OS x but those threads are pretty old. Is there any way to get USB working on OS X?
  13. OS X SLOW!

    Ok, WOW! What a difference when VT is enabled! this thing is running MUCH MUCH better. I didnt notice a difference between 1 core or 2 core. Still very stable even with 2 cores. Is there a downfall to having VT enabled? I wonder why it wouldnt be enabled to begin with.
  14. OS X SLOW!

    Why should I select only one CPU? i selected somewhere 2 cpus.
  15. OS X SLOW!

    bump. someone has to know