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  1. iphone and stone

  2. There are many usb cards that have no mac os driver. But we can use this cards in windows bu using virtual machines like vmware(parallels etc)! All that machines can communicate with host OS(in that case Mac OS X) by their virtual network adapter... Can we make a link from wireless adapter to Mac OS through virtual adapter of virtual machine? It means to share wireless connection from one machine with windows to second machine with Mac OS X... What do you think about that?
  3. DSDT Patcher

    @ roisoft wow! thanks! booting process is faster how did you compiled dsdt? i need to edit my dsdt for enabling internal display...i think i know what to do...but i can't compile original dsdt... do i need XCode?
  4. DSDT Patcher

    can't compile dsdt "number of maximum error reached" there are 200 errors "object not found" toshiba a200 laptop under linux iasl says the same... compilation with -f gives dead system...cant boot :censored2: this is my dsdt.dat dsdt.zip