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  1. I'm having a pretty tough time getting 10.6 installed on my Inspiron 9400...the wiki says it works on there and I thought I had all my settings correct but when I boot I get "You need to power off the system and restart" every time. Any advice out there on what is going wrong here? Anyone know the EXACT settings when installing for a 9400? I've read a few of the guides (they are in spanish mostly) and they are a bit confusing being I don't read spanish...
  2. first off, let me say, don't let friends touch your systems... the Mac update thing came up and he clicked "update now" or whatever it said, and then when it was rebooting, I got the crazy error message to reboot the system. Now when it boots, it comes up with that error every time. I'm not sure what was installed, or attempted to install, but i know enough not to do those silly updates. Anyway, what I'm hoping is that there is a fix for this so I can have my system back up and running. I have tons of files on that system as well that I don't wanna lose. Any suggestions?
  3. I did some searching on here, but was wondering if there was a way to get the SD card reader slot working...