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  1. ASUS P5B + E6400 & JaS 10.4.8 ReLoaded

    Hey guys, What a great thread, I'm sure a lot of P5b owner will appreciate it. Some new things I found out: 1) Macdrive can be a {censored}. I have two Drives that use HFS+ - the Macintosh HD and a 'Storage' HD. I formatted the Storage HD in the OSX Installer and it set the partition table to 'GUID'. Now, that wasn't actually a problem. Macdrive was able to read and write to the drive. But as soon as Windows crashed for the first time, I was in serious trouble after a reboot. Macdrive told me that the drive was improperly shut down and that I should either repair it in OSX or reformat it. WHOA! That's my storage data! That's where all my project data, windows files, etc. are stored. So you can imagine how I felt. But it wasn't a complete disaster - I was still able to copy data from that drive to another drive. So I did just that and reformatted the drive again. Now, here's the thing: I read that Windows needs you to leave at least 8mb of free space unpartitioned in order to work. I'm not sure if the Disk Manager in the Computer Management is doing this on it's own and just hides it from the user or so and I actually thought that's BS - But I now reformatted the drive and left 12mb free and it works like a charm. Even when Windows crashes, the drives stay untouched. The partition table is set to MBR as well now. I don't know if the 8mb thing is actually true of if my partitioning wasn't correct in the first place, but it's for sure a lot more stable now. Actually, HFS+ is quite a bitchin' format. I mean, when using it with Macdrive in Windows, it's a lot faster than NTFS. A LOT faster. That's a nice sideeffect actually. And you've got none of the Fat32 file-limit issues. Very nice. 2) I think IDE only works when you install OSX when the system HD is set to slave - (I'm on a SATA disk here). It's working like a charm here now, I can dual boot Windows AND OSX with the ICH set to IDE, it's really nice. Also, no prohibitory signs anymore. 3) The graphical glitches seem to be very common without QE, CI Support, so I don't worry anymore. If the graphical glitch happens, just use Expose real quick and it's gone for a while. I think it's based on rendering sessions. As soon as OSX has to render a new Window or reloads a windows content, it'll glitch again. So keep that in mind. I've got a question left: For the Azalia and the second LAN Chip - are the device IDs the same for all the P5B boards? Whatever I'm doing, I can't get the Azalia to work. I enter all the Device IDs through pico, I repair the permissions... but as soon as I restart OSX, it tells me that the Azalia driver can't be used. @Tom: Why a AB9 Pro? Is that even more suited for OSX86?
  2. Hey guys, What a great forum, helped me out a lot already, so thanks in advance! First of all, I think my Core Duo Mini is nice, but I'd like to have a little more power with the option to upgrade my system - and I don't feel like buying a Mac Pro. So I'm thinking about buying this hardware: 1) A Spire Pininfarina Case, cause they're oh so sexy. 2) A P5B Deluxe. 3) 2 Gigs of Corsair DDR2 RAM. 4) An XFX 7950gt (heatpipe) 5) A Seagate Barracuda 7200 SATA Drive (320gb) As far as I've seen, that's a pretty popular config and there's even a thread here online for the P5B, but I'd like to know if someone has the same hardware and has encountered any problems and get some advice about the following issues: 1) Is the onboard Wifi working? Onboard Gigabit Lans? Onboard Audio? 2) I currently have 2 IDE Drives - Can I simply keep using them with this config? 3) Will the Titan Kext work on this GPU? 4) What are some of the issues I'll probably run into? Do I still have to change the USB Kexts to the ones from 10.4.3? I plan to use JAS 10.4.8 Install DVD for the installation and really hope it'll work. So, hope you guys can answer some of these questions, I'd be eternally grateful!
  3. I've never been a Mac User. Never. Because most of the software we're using here is compiled for Windows or Linux, it's never been an option to switch to OSX, really. But I like OSX a lot, I'd switch in a heartbeat, if there wouldn't be so many compatibility issues. And honestly, I don't agree about Vista being beautiful - quite the contrary, really. The problem is that Microsoft has no clue at all when it comes to design - Vista looks bloated and eyecandy without looking into it's usability. The glass stuff is nice, but it doesn't add anything to the user experience. They should have contiunued with this here: http://www.winsupersite.com/files/pdc2003_..._rock_video.wmv And let the user decide and configure how the desktop should look like. I hate that I can't even see what's behind a window through the glass, cause everythings so blurry. And I don't even see anymore which window is the currently active one, also thanks to glass. It's very, very hard for me to navigate through Vista - Aero Glass is more of a step backwards than anything else. Of course, things could get messy if there would be no blur, but Microsoft showed a few design studies over the years and most of them looked way better than what we'll get now. http://media.putfile.com/Tjeerd-Hoek---PRS319-AERO-Concept There we go. I dunno why especially OSX users seem to like Vista - It's strange. I think OSX is a wonderful OS, it comes with it's fair share of problems, but I think Apple outperformed Microsoft before they even shipped anything. And I'm sure that Jobs will do his best to kick Microsofts ass when it's time for Leopard. I guess I'll be forced to use Vista in the future - but I'm constantly looking for interesting Linux Distros or the OSX86 thing, cause I've really grown to dislike the way Microsoft designs Operating Systems. If Apple would streamline everything right now, creating it's own Windows compatibility layer and probably ship OSX with Dells, etc., then I'm sure that they'd have a good chance to bite off a good chunk off Microsofts OS market share. And I think that sooner or later, Google will come up with it's own, free, Linux Distro. That way or the other, it looks like Microsoft has grown too big and they're moving too slowly. If Apple keeps doing their thing and Linux distros grow stronger and stronger, it's just a matter of time before the John Doe User will switch. Most PC Users don't use Windows cause they like it so much, they use Windows, because they don't know anything else.
  4. Pimp my Parallels

    Wow. But this also means that both OSs would always eat the computers RAM, right? So, the question is how practical all of this stuff would actually be. If you're just using your OSs for surfing the web, eMails, etc., it may be okay, but other than that, this would probably just eat too much ressources. It'd be cool if Apple themselves would build something like that directly into OSX 10.5. Like, you'd have the cube effect, afterwards the OS would free the RAM and make all of it available to the OS you're currently working in. If this stuff wouldn't drain the system performance, it'd be heaven.
  5. No mouse/keyboard during install?

    Hmmm, every time I try to just drag 'n drop the kext into the extensions folder (even if I did the authentication), it tells me that it cannot replace the files, cause the item 'content' is in use. If I just trash the 10.4.5 file and replace it with the 10.4.3 one, I'll get the error that the kext was installed improperly. Same thing happens in Safe Mode.
  6. No mouse/keyboard during install?

    Just can't get it to work, really annoying. I tried everything now - I downloaded the 10.4.3 extensions from TPB, put the IOUSBFamily.kext into the Extensions folder, still nothings working. Once I restarted OSX, I get the error message: The system extension "/System/Library/Extensions/IOUSBFamily.kext" was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it, or contact the product's vendor for an update. It'd be insanely great if one of you guys could help me out here.
  7. No mouse/keyboard during install?

    That'd be a great idea if PS/2 would actually work.
  8. No mouse/keyboard during install?

    Okay... I deleted the old IOUSBFamily.kext and swapped it with the one from 10.4.3. I did exactly this here: And now, OSX won't even boot anymore. In VMWare, the keyboard's working, but the mouse is not anymore. I've spent the whole freaking day trying to solve this, a little help would be great.
  9. No mouse/keyboard during install?

    Okay, installed OSX through VMWare now, but mouse/keyboard are still not working...
  10. No mouse/keyboard during install?

    Yeah, just found it (btw, the search function here is kinda weird - google gave me the desired results). Well, still. I'm using a USB Keyboard and Mouse, but they don't work. http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=10773&hl= It seems that I got to swap the 10.4.5 kexts with some older kexts. Two problems: 1) Could someone send me the 10.4.3 kexts that are supposed to be working? (hope this isn't against the rules here) 2) Could someone who had the same problem give me a step to step instruction bout what I have to do once I got the kext? I mean, how am I exactly swapping the kexts? 3) Is this just an installation setup problem or will I have USB Mouse and Keyboard support when I installed OSX through VMWare? Help would be great, thanks a lot!
  11. No mouse/keyboard during install?

    Hey guys, I'm just running into a strange problem. I've got 2 hds in my workstation, one is Windows and I want to install OSX on the other one. That's all good and fine, but as soon as I pop the install cd into it and start the installer, it loads and loads and loads and then I see the language screen, where neither the mouse nor the keyboard are working. I tried it on several different machines now - on a PentiumD as well. Didn't work either. I plugged the mouse into several different ports, on hubs as well as directly on the board - no joy. Specs: AMD 3700+, 3 gigs RAM, 6800gt, Asus A8V (VIA chipset); A little help would be appreciated!
  12. iMac G4 vs iMac G5 and Core Duo

    Yeah, also think that the g4 looked way better. Never quite understood why they didn't update the design, since it obviously was a lot sexier.