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  1. Zappadoc

    Callisto Technical Discussion

    +1 to Snollygoster This project is just dead and buried like darwin for the same reason... Z
  2. Y.A.S.P. (Yet Another Sigmatel Post ) it works on vmware because they use an AC97 emulation on top of the Sigmatel WINDOWS driver... Z
  3. Zappadoc

    Attack of the Clones!

    welcome to the super SCAM world... here one sample,just for fun: http://www.complaints.com/directory/2004/october/4/6.htm but you can find more on google...
  4. Zappadoc

    Sigmatel 9223 Vendor Id 8384 Dev Id 7681 Is this right?

    Becarefull guys the Sigmatel 9220 device id is 7680, 7690 correspond to the 9200 and unfortunatly this one didn't work with that very cool patch... Z
  5. Zappadoc

    omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    ok close this thread and close this forum and finaly close this OSX project. I really don't care about this driver Omni is certainly a good man but I just wanted to help people to have their driver ready. period. it's time for me to give up. Z ps: thanks to close my account too
  6. Zappadoc

    omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    I love "really buggy driver" or unfinished and hate to start from scratch this is why I made and release the P-ATA UDMA6 driver for NVIDIA and ATI chipset based on the EXCELLLENT work of Scousi... Z
  7. Zappadoc

    omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    I understand your frustation and really don't known why Omni didn't release the driver as open source from sourceforge.net...? With a big DISCLAIMER as always...
  8. Zappadoc

    omni driver for ATI with QE/CI/GL

    what's going on when one man get the power, the beauty, the prescience, etc. Z
  9. don't lose your soul and keep focused on OSX86 project that all we need for now. Remember the main idea and if the dream come true we are all going to use OSX on our PC... Z
  10. chichat blah blah, America, American...are you sure that the guys from N.Y or LA or louisiana are in the same boat? Z
  11. Great!! This one is really interesting and fully compatible (in theory) with a/b/g ! here the broadcom infos: BCM94321MC Intensi-fi™ 2.4/5 GHz PCI Express® Mini Card Reference Design The BCM94321MC reference design enables manufacturers to incorporate draft-802.11n Wi-Fi® capabilities into notebook PCs and other devices that support the new PCI Express bus architecture. The reference design integrates Broadcom's new Intensi-fi solutions, including the Broadcom's best-performing 802.11 radio (the BCM2055), and 2.4/5 GHz baseband and media access controller (the BCM4321). By supporting multiple simultaneous data (or "spatial") streams, Intensi-fi client adapters can achieve data rates of over 300 Mbps and more reliable wireless coverage. In addition, dual-band operation allows Intensi-fi designs to be compatible with millions of 802.11a/b/g devices already on the market. Greater performance and interoperability not only provides Wi-Fi users with a flawless multimedia experience, but also reduces product support costs for manufacturers. I need one!
  12. No this card is a miniPCI and not a miniExpressCard (or MiniCard), i have the same issue, i need to exchange my Intel/PRO but didn't find any... Dell offer a trueMobile 1390 or 1490 but really don't know if they re Airport compatible... if someone have any infos about this new internal cards? thanks. Z
  13. Cool Gnubee could you please indicate which computer has been used for this test because the STAC92XX can be "wired" differently (all pins can be used as input or output) thanks. EDIT: your subsys indicate that it's a DELL, no?
  14. We're all in the same boat my friend! except that i have an ATI Radeon X1400, my XBench is better with Multicore option OFF than cpus=1 kernel flags... do you known how to simulate an usb insertion? I want my USB Wireless dongle to be recognized without modify the network interface.plist file thanks... Cheers! Z