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  1. Howdy, I was wondering of ways to virtualize OS X on Apple hardware. It does not appear that Parallels supports OSX virtualization out of the box. What if someone got ahold of one of those cracked Intel version of Tiger, and attempted to use that in Parallels? Would that allow for virtualization of Tiger on Apple hardware? -----(Words of idiocy:) The Trin is mightier than the pen!
  2. Are we going to be getting updates?

    Ugh!!!! - well do we know what the latest version of Leopard is? Have they made an update for it yet?
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if we were going to be getting updates on this build. I go to "About this Mac" - and it says "10.5" - but not beta or anything. So is this going to be a dead end or what? :pirate2:
  4. Darn, oh well. Thanks anyways for the input. Btw, since its all Intel hardware, why wouldn't the Intel Tiger instal disc's work?
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to these forums, and this would be my first post for this forum. Just wanted to let everyone know that before I begin. ------------------------------ My first question is whether or not it is legal to instal my purchased OSX Tiger, (Intel Version), disc, onto my Dell Dimension 3000. If it isn't, why? I am a little confused about it since I have heard that it is not legal yet I see descriptions that have OSX Tiger running on PC's. If it is legal, I was wondering if it would be possible to install it on my Dell Dimension 3000. If it is possible to install it on my Dell Dimension 3000, what limitations in terms of features and speeds would I be facing, if any? If the limitations are minimal, how would I go about installing it? I wish to be able to dual-boot between XP and Tiger. Since I have extra internal harddrives laying around, could I have two different harddrives installed in my Dell Dimension 3000 at the same time? Would that make the dual-booting and setup easier? Please submit a step by step way to do this, no detail is too important! ----------------------------- Thanks.