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  1. Hallo folks, Atached is my CLOVER folder, but without Serial number, UUID and BoardID. You must put yours inside to be able to use it properly! Cheers CLOVER.zip
  2. quattrofx

    (pre-release) macOS High Sierra 10.13.5

    HI MALDON! You have my VOICE for President! Cheers QuattroFX
  3. Hallo Maldon, Sorry, but I must bother you one more time. The .161 Nvidia Drivers are not so good. I've returned to .106 and have less glitches, but still not perfect. But, last month I have noticed that my shutdown time is every time longer and longer. Today my PC didn't won't to shutdown at all! Just white spinnig circle on the black background. Here are some DCPI Export Files and Boot Console Text. Can you take a look and help me please? THX in advance! BR QFX Boot Console.txt.zip iMac.acpi.zip
  4. Maldon, I like your Photography Style and the way of Art you ar doing it... Nativly & Expressionsfull
  5. I can also report that the NVidia WebDrivers .161 working flowesly now with HS 10.13.3 like old time
  6. Use TextWrangler to edit English.lproj. 1. Copy and paste command into Terminal to open English.lproj directory: open . /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AppleSystemInfo.framework/Versions/A/Resources/English.lproj/ Edit AppleSystemInfo.strings as described: from: <key>UnknownCPUKind</key> <string>Unknown</string> to: <key>UnknownCPUKind</key> <string>3,7 GHz Intel Core i7-8700(6-Cores)</string> Reboot and test. BR QFX
  7. Very nice! But you go the best and easiest way with Radeon RX 580 ;-) Do you have some NVidia Graphics for tests? What do you think about using iMac Pro as identifier for this RIG? Is it better as iMac18.3?
  8. Hallo Maldon, i have made some changes, actually updates on my system: 1. Updated Shiki.kext Version 2.2.4 2. Updated NVidiaGraphicsFixup.kext Version 1.2.3 3. Installed NVidia Web Driver Version .161 - running very stable without glitches. 4. Updated Clover to last new Version 4411 5. Added Sensors.kexts to be able to see Temps in HWMonitor - working without problems and KP´s After 2 weeks intensive tests i can confirm very stable System running fast. Only problem what i have noticed is Safari witch works slow... somehow loading slowly in cashbuffer, but after buffer download in cash finishes, playing 8K videos converted to 4K Ultra 1440p very well. Anyway, i have installed Firefox and the Firefox is much more faster than Safari! But something very important for all: I have first installed Firefox Version.58 witch freezes after couple of minutes. Immediately found the solution in Web and instaled the Upgrade Version .59 witch works very stable. BR QuattroFX
  9. OK, I will do so. BIG THX
  10. Hi Maldon, with this last one DSDT sims to be good. Made 5-6 reboots without problems. THX
  11. Here my last one: No, i don't use USB-C at the moment, just USB 3.0 SATA HDD Dockingstation on USB 3.0 port. Send me iMac_4FX.zip
  12. Sorry, I was to early.... after couple of reboots, I have problem with shutdown, seams does not doing it properly every second time and after reboot showing failure, first in Boot process and after on the desktop that the System didn't shutdown properly.
  13. I have updated HS 10.13.3 with the supplement update, immediately after reboot installed newest NVIDIA driver regularly and applied your DSDT. Everything working perfect now, fast boot, iGPU Hardware acceleration ON, but FCPX 10.4 still has dropped frames. I am using mainly Adobe Premiere Pro, so it is not a problem for me, because Mercury dGPU acceleration working flawlessly. BIG THX MALDON!
  14. Hallo Maldon, here it is. Send me iMac.zip
  15. Just for the Info, I have tested Sierra 10.12.6 with the same DSTD and there FCPX working flawlessly! Under HS 10.13.3 I have tested MacX Video Converter Pro with INTEL Hardware acceleration enabled and disabled: 56GB 4K RAW Video convert to FullHD .MP4 with > 9min 22sec 56GB 4K RAW Video convert to FullHD .MP4 without > 18min 46sec Maldon, after applied DSDT my booting time is double longer... can it hang on AptioMemoryFix.efi?