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  1. The Great Driver Hunt

    W/E whatever...thanks for dangling us in suspense for the past few days, good luck and goodbye...
  2. The Great Driver Hunt

    let's cut the social banter and get some real useful technical info in this forum. this is why we are all here, not for sniffing each other out, go walk your dog in the park if that's what you want to do. i would like to have an actual exchange of technical info here instead. to do that you need a modicum of material to start a synergistic exchange. we are all frustrated that we have nothing tangible to get excited about, is that so bad, can we not grieve about the dearth of real useful technical info? i think we are allowed to so keep your anger inside you please...
  3. The Great Driver Hunt

    yeah, not sure why effects is not coming forward to get assistance from everyone if it has been booting for over 2-3 days now. Maybe it's booting but not actually functioning as an x1600. Whatever, from now on, people should post with the intent to share rather than promise this or that. This is not a strip-tease show, you either post and share or don't bother posting.
  4. The Great Driver Hunt

    My oh my, the wait is killing me, doesn't look like much progress is being done on the driver front anymore...Any updates, anyone?
  5. The Great Driver Hunt

    Where is Effects? Can we get a progress report to whet our apetite?
  6. The Great Driver Hunt

    agreed, i have been using all sorts of applications including fluent for a cfd simulation and it runs flawlessly with the fans occasionally coming on. I think it runs cooler in xp than in os x...
  7. New Use for your old PC

    Hi guys, I must apologize about the above, it seems that after rebooting my computer for an unrelated reason, the computer got hung up and would not start. I had to boot xp in safe mode and uninstall Maxivista and after that everything is back to normal. I tried it before rebooting and it worked fine, I am going to try reinstalling it and this time not ask it to start automatically at boot time and see if it helps. So, a premature victory, and needs more work, sorry if I got you guys down on the wrong track, if your machine stops booting, just press f5 or f8 after selecting XP and choose safe mode then remove the program from add/remove programs in the control panel... Peace
  8. New Use for your old PC

    Hi, as we are still excited about XP on Mac and disappointed about the whole x1600 video card thing, and since we cannot use the video out from the MBP to an outside screen, you may want to be happy knowing that you can extend your desktop using another PC so that you can have more than one screen when running XP on the mac. I just successfully downloaded and used MaxiVista which uses VNC to enable you to extend your desktop www.maxivista.com The demo ran perfectly with my Vaio 1920*1200 laptop acting as the secondary monitor and with little lag once I had changed both to 32 bit color. It's awesome that it works and this way makes good use of old hardware or laptops lying around to be used as secondary monitors. Cheers!
  9. The Great Driver Hunt

    They may have enabled it to load but the video shows the performance on the screen is quite laggy, could it be they are still using xom even though they may have fooled half-life to load?
  10. The Great Driver Hunt

    I say let's start another contest for the x1600 video driver; I would be willing to contribute $100, what do you guys say? Asimportant is the ability to adjust the backlight and to stand-by/hibernate... Add another $50, hehehehe
  11. The Great Driver Hunt

    ok, you go first...
  12. The Great Driver Hunt

    sorry for being naive but what is the functional relevance of tpm on win xp?
  13. The Great Driver Hunt

    have you installed it from scratch?
  14. The Great Driver Hunt

    do we know if this new file is legit? who posted it and do they have evidence that it works?
  15. The Great Driver Hunt

    Please do not try this, it does not work. I tried it on my MBP and again it locked up with just a few dark lines showing at the top of the screen and could not log in back to safe mode. Luckily I started the MBP in disk target mode and hooked it up to the firewire on my vaio laptop and was able to undo the changes and recover my installation. It is now working well and back up but you can't modify the NFTS partition from a mac you have to use a PC. My 2 cents...