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  1. Erro na instalação iDeneb 10.5.7

    Olá eu consegui instalar selecionando ACPI fix funciona perfeito
  2. Atheros AR5007EG isn't working

    Without success for this information, I have this problem the months, this board does not function well, the only thing to make and to change it stops a MINI PCI EXPRESS BROADCOM BCM94311MCG that is more compatible. Or it tries to reniciar you vary times until finding the network and functioning. Here it is the POST that can help in something. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1223216
  3. [Help] Need Driver for Atheros 5006X

    Much people I find that almost all have this problem with this board, what I know that does not function perfect, I unite I I have installed ideneb 10.5.7 I have this problem, already until had postado some information, but without success. I see this link postei this information with the problem, make the test and see if he helps, I exitem KEXT of I vary and a KISMAC that can function. Or to buy one compatible board pci as I am making. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=179349

    I finished to buy goes to arrive in some days, somebody is using this board, please!

    Hello, people wanted knowledge if this model of board BROADCOM BCM94311MCG can function 100% without using the KISMAC, is similar to change my Atheros AR5bxb63 for this. See http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-105...bcm94311mcg-_JM
  6. I did a layout in my case does not need rebooting 20 times 98% functional. Quando eu ligo meu MacBook-Acer já deixo o wireless scanner (KisMac) When I start my MacBook, Acer now leave the wireless scanner (Kismac) leave open the beginning of the session I just put the password, the network appears HEHEHE right away, sometimes it does not work and hard place, but only once and has appears using the wireless scanner. As I did, I installed again v7 iAtkos 10.5.7, when he selected only option to customize the FIX KEXT etc etc, the driver selected the audio and videos, the device like wireless network and not selected. Installed and renice, well anything internet etc etc. I've done manually installing the KEXT, I took a wiggle in the IO80211Family.KEXT renomiei as TXT and ran up to find the folder plugin AirPortAtheros.kext -> Open that folder and clicked on the info . plist and put a command like this pci106b,0086 pci168c,1c pci168c,23 pci168c,24 pci168c,428 Save and gave all the permissions using KEXT Helper b7, but it also upgraded 3 KEXT IONetworkingFamily.kext, IOPCCardFamily.kext, IOPCIFamily.kext or even HDAEnabler.kext. One thing I used IO80211Family_kext_v.2.1.2.zip. These Kext you search google with the name Chun Nan's. I take advantage of I place here my archives KEXT that I am using All KEXT Wireless_KisMAC Kext-Helper
  7. Bluetooth does not appear as I accomplish the installation of the KEXT. Does somebody have some tip? I am using the iAtkos v7 10.5.7.
  8. Bluetooth does not appear as I accomplish the installation of the KEXT. Does somebody have some tip? I am using the iAtkos v7 10.5.7
  9. Does somebody have KEXT there? that it functions perfect, the difficult one to decide this problem to you of time. Does somebody know if already v8 left iAtkos has some forecast?
  10. I installed iDeneb 10.5.7 I stay better of what the iAtkos v7. the KisMac functions better in the internet search, the times have that reset but and well less. Does somebody have KEXT that it functions without the use KisMac?
  11. Atheros AR5007 WORKING - Few Questions

    I am trying to work this you vary days, sadly I am not obtaining success, and interesting to emphasize if somebody has a KEXT that it functions without using the KisMAC.
  12. could you send its please kext, to be able to test? this goes to help to much people I very guarantees…
  13. Download the latest IO80211Family kext from Apple and install it. Then restart and I found that system can find your wireless card. Go to : /System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AirPortAtheros5424.kext/Contents/ and edit Info.plist file Find <key>IONameMatch</key> and change it to : (delete the old value) <array> <string>pci106b,0086</string> <string>pci106b,1c</string> <string>pci168c,1c</string> <string>pci168c,1014</string> <string>pci168c,13</string> <string>pci168c,14</string> <string>pci168c,15</string> <string>pci168c,16</string> <string>pci168c,17</string> <string>pci168c,18</string> <string>pci168c,19</string> <string>pci168c,1a</string> <string>pci168c,1b</string> <string>pci168c,1c</string> <string>pci168c,52</string> <string>pci168c,55</string> <string>pci168c,57</string> <string>pci168c,58</string> <string>pci168c,58a</string> <string>pci168c,86</string> <string>pci168c,87</string> </array> Go to terminal CODE sudo -s chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AirPortAtheros5424.kext chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AirPortAtheros5424.kext touch /System/Library/Extensions shutdown -r now
  14. Dell Vostro 400 - No Internet

    Look for a driver pack 2009 torrent. Google it. Size:477.83 MiB (501037686 Bytes) I used it and I decided many my problem I also installed the iAtkos v7. Here is the list of drivers included in package: APP Diabolik Plist Generator DSDT_Patcher1.0.1e EFIStudio iDMG InVisibles Kext Helper b7 Kext Utility 2 mkextMaker networkSelector OSX86Tools Pacifist PCEFI V9 by Netkas for Hard Disk PPFOMatic RepairKexts Permission TemperatureMonitor CHIPSET AppleATIATA AppleGenericPCATA AppleNForceATA ApplenForceTest ICHxFixed JMicronATA MCP67 SAS SiliconImage3132 VIA-SB FIX&PATCHES ACPI_SMC_Fix ACPIPlugins AppleDecrypt AppleSMBIOS(ALL) BatteryManager Chameleon CPUPowerManagementDisabler Cpus=1-Fix dsmos EHCI_Sleep_Enabler_Fix FireWire_Remove idlehalt_Fix IntelCPUPMDisabler IONetworking_TimeMachine IOPCI IOUSBFamilyFix Leopard_Patches LeopardAMD NullCPUPM OpenHaltRestart_1.0.3_correct PowerOff_Fix PowerOff_OH PS2Controller PS2Nub Repair seatbelt_fix SMBIOSEFI SMBIOSEnabler KERNEL 930SleepKernel Kernel-9.2.0-Sleep Kernel-9.2.0-Speedstep Kernel-9.2.2-SSE3 Kernel-9.4.0-Modbin kernel-9.5.0-Voodoo Modbin_9.3.0 Stage_9.4.0 ToH_9.2.0_Sleep VanilaKernel10.5.6 VanillaKernel10.5.4 VanillaKernelSnowLeo10A261 Ядро для запуска снежного барса на AMD процессорах LAN 82566Series AppleBC440x AppleBC5751 AppleBCM578x AppleYukon2 AttansicL1 D-Link DGE-530T GigaExpress Forcedeth Intel100ProVE nForceEthernetDriver Ralink RealtekR1000 RTL8201CL Skge ViaRhine WI-FI Atheros-AR5007 Atheros BELKIN - Wireless G Desktop Network Card (F5D7001) Broadcom iwi2200_fix_leak iwi3945-test.dmg iwi4965 iwi394510.5Only PROSet/Wireless 2100 OS X 10.4 PROSet/Wireless 2200b/g and 2915a/b/g OS X 10 RT61_CardBusWifi RT2500_RT73_USB RT2500Replug RT2860_CardBusWifi RTL8187 RTL8187B RTL8187L RTL8187SE RTUSB_2870 Tiger-IO80211 Zydas-ZD1211-1215 SOUND ADI AD1888_VIA AD1888 AD1980 AD1981 AD1981HD AD1984 AD1986 AD1988_P5K AD1988 AD1988B AD2000b ALC ALC889A (Front mic fixed)(dv id (0x10ec0885)P35 or P45 ALC260 ALC268_Installer1 alc660 ALC660VD ALC662 ALC663 ALC850 ALC861 ALC861VD-T ALC861VD ALC862Installer2 ALC880 ALC880OUTFIX ALC882 ALC882ad0 ALC882ad2 ALC883_6Ports_Digital ALC883_6Ports ALC883-3LineOuts ALC885 ALC888_6Ports_Digital ALC888_6Ports ALC888Audio ALC888d ALC889 ALC889A ALC1200 Creative SB [Live!, Audigy, Audigy2, EMU10kX eDSPs] taruga-ALL AC97Audio AzaliaAudio CMI8738 Envy24 Envy24HT IDT SiSAC97 STA codecdump9228_rev1 Sigmatel_9200_Inspirion_9400 Sigmatel_9223 sigmatel9220 Sigmatel9227 STAC9205 STAC9228 STAC9271 STAC9271D STAC9274D VIDEO ATI 10.5.6 ATI 3400 mobility trials ATI 3450 AtiHDBase AtiRadeonHD2400PcieSeries AtiRadeonHD2400ProAGP AtiRadeonHD2600ProAGP AtiRadeonHD2600ProPcie AtiRadeonHD2600XTAGP AtiRadeonHD3650AGP AtiRadeonHD3650Pcie_AMD AtiRadeonHD3650Pcie_Intel AtiRadeonHD3800Series AtiRadeonHD3800x2Series_GFX AtiRadeonHD3870 AtiRadeonHD3870X2 AtiRadeonX1950GtPro Callisto003_Radeon9550 Callisto003_Radeon9600 Callisto003_x300 Callisto006_Radeon9550 Callisto006_Radeon9600 Callisto006_x300 Callisto008_Radeon9550 Callisto008_Radeon9600 Callisto008_x300 OLDAGPGart Radeon9700_old X16x0 X19x0 X1350_Mobility X1400 X1600-AGP X1600-PCIE X1900XT-EFI X1950XT-Injector X1950XT X2300_Mobility INTEL DarwinGMA950_0x27a2 DarwinGMA950_0x27ae GMA900_2582 GMA900_2592 GMA900_2792 GMA900_noClip GMA900_r2Base GMA900 GMA915 GMA950 GMA950Remover GMAFramebuffer GMAX3000 GMAX3100 NatitGMA NVIDIA NV 9xxx insataller v2 NVdarwin_128MB NVdarwin_256MB NVdarwin_320MB NVdarwin_512MB NVdarwin_640MB NVdarwin_768MB NVdarwin_1024MB NVinject_0.2.1_1GB NVinject_0.2.1_128MB NVinject_0.2.1_256MB NVinject_0.2.1_320MB NVinject_0.2.1_512MB NVinject_0.2.1_640MB NVinject_0.2.1_768MB NVinject_9800GTX NVinjectGO_512MB NVinjectGO NVinstaller v.52 NVKush_9800GX2 NVKush OldNV_9800GX2
  15. I added below plus commands in the archive, when renicio it more easily appears the internet, it can help to be needed <array> <string>pci106b,0086</string> <string>pci168c,13</string> <string>pci106b,0086b</string> <string>pci106b,0086c</string> <string>pci168c,13b</string> <string>pci168c,13c</string> <string>pci1603,10b</string> <string>pci1603,10c</string> <string>pci168c,1c</string> <string>pci168c,1b</string> <string>pci168c,428</string> <string>pci168c,428b</string> <string>pci168c,428c</string> <string>pci168c,23</string> <string>pci168c,24</string> <string>pci168c,23b</string> <string>pci168c,24b</string> <string>pci168c,23c</string> <string>pci168c,24c</string> </array>