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  1. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    1. open terminal 2. type: cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration 3. press ENTER 3. type: sudo nano com.apple.boot.plist. An xml file should open in a word editor named nano. 4. Find the line where it says <string></string> under the <key>Kernel Flags</key> line. It doesnt matter if it says something in between the the strings. 5. Between the strings type: "Graphics Mode"="1024x600x32@60" Should look like this: <string>"Graphics Mode"="1024x600x32@60"</string> 6. Press CTRL+X. It should ask u to save the file or not. Press Y to save, than press ENTER. 7. Reboot. Try that
  2. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    The blue screen is supposed to come up before the GUI loads. Maybe just give it some more time? I never had such a problem and I followed the same guide that everyone else has been following. And the EEE is working perfectly. Finally. Whew. Now if only the microphone worked...
  3. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    Good! I had no idea how to fix it. What did you finally do? Also, the 1390 wifi arrived today and I'm installing it now!
  4. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    I don't think anyone has gotten the wireless to work...not absolutely sure though.
  5. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    This site has a tutorial that claims to have working ethernet for the 900a: http://eeemac.blogspot.com/2009/03/install...a-901-1000.html (look toward the bottom of the post for the ethernet bit). If anyone wants to try this on the HA and see if it works (i don't see why it wouldn't) go ahead. I'll try it eventually but don't have any real urgency in doing so. Where did you buy the wireless card from?
  6. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    Yeah that's how I installed mine. You need one that's bigger than 4gb and you need a computer with osx on it already. Follow this guide http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=142997
  7. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    The dsdt patcher that was linked to on page 3 is part of a very well-written and comprehensive guide. To summarize what the patcher: it's only used after you have installed osx. You need the modified bios (I think it's linked to on page 1 or 2) to install osx, but after it's installed then you run the patcher to go back to a normal bios. If you don't have a modified bios when you install osx, it won't boot. If you go back to a normal bios without the patcher then osx won't boot.
  8. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    Do you think you could post a how-to for the rest of us? Oh...and if anyone wants to skip the update and just go straight to 10.5.6, ideneb 1.4 works well and with the same instructions at ipis that were linked to on page 3.
  9. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    "Solution: 1. Run single user mode using the -s flag while booting i.e. type -s at the “boot:” prompt and wait for the prompt “:/ root#” to appear 2. Mount the file system by typing “mount -uw /” (without quotes) at the “:/ root#” prompt. 3. Change the root password by typing “passwd root” at the “:/ root#” prompt and then typing in a new root password and retyping it again as requested. 4. Create the .AppleSetupDone file by typing “touch /var/db/.AppleSetupDone” (without quotes) at the “:/ root#” prompt 5. Boot the system by typing “exit” (without quotes) at the “:/ root#” prompt. 6. In the OS X Login screen: enter “root” as Name and for Password, the root password chosen previously, and the system logs you in as System Administrator. You can add any user afterwards…" - Alboak Magualak
  10. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    Oh cool! Did the typical system update + restart work or did you have to do something different? (perhaps http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...p;#entry1039890 ?)
  11. Hacked BIOS EEE PC 900HA

    The '08 iWork and iLife suites will work, but not the '09 versions because they require 10.5.6, and don't know if anyone here has successfully updated. (if you have care to post a guide ?) Also, how is the battery life under osx compared to xp or windows 7?