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  1. USB 3.0 OSX Support By Caldigit

    They haven't posted the driver on their site yet, probably happen very soon. I'll keep an eye out for the link. I was hoping someone far more advanced than I, could take a look at whatever kext pops up.
  2. Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3

    Did you make your own DSDT, if so... perhaps you could post it? Does sleep work?
  3. I noticed that Caldigit wrote their own drivers for OSX USB3.0 support for their new products, which include a PCIE/USB3 card and an Expresscard USB3 card option. Not only is this really cool, but I was wondering whether this development could help bring support for USB3 to some of the new USB3 motherboards out there?
  4. Does anyone have sleep working on this board? I'm very excited about a build around the DFI P55!
  5. Yes I have a DEL key (it's not a mac keyboard) and I can get into the bios, but once in the bios the keyboard doesn't work... anyway I know it's a silly question but just thought I'd ask... I'm going update the bios through windows and see if that is a fix. Thanks again. Updating the bios fixed it... all is well. You guys rule!
  6. MiniHack- thanks so much for your help.... I can generate a fresh dsdt, but probably no point if one of Munky's will work.... My board is a REV3 (3 sata ports)... but my cpu is a quad... does the dsdt file need to contain anything for my cpu being different? Also any advice as to why I can't change my bios (keyboard not functioning in bios), since I switched the bios to the suggested settings in your guide? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  7. Hi everyone, been setting up my own zotac based quad core system and wanted to thank you all your help here in this post. For now I followed the basic install outline at the beginning of the guide for SnowLeopard. I have 2 issues... I set the bios up as directed in the guide but now my keyboard does not work in the bios and only in SnowLeopard does it function... ideas??? Also, if I sleep the computer, it wakes up fine, but my CPU fan does not spin up again after sleep....do I need to set in "auto" mode in the bios... right now it's in "manual" 75% mode"??? Last question... I made my own dsdt file without any edits, would it be better to use MUNKY's file (listed above) or is there an advantage to using my own??? (i'm new at this Ok I just posted some questions above but thought I would add this, MiniHack if you want to help me out... as I am not sure about editing my DSDT... I've attached it here. Any help would be amazing!Leftbrain_dsdt.zip
  8. Dell Inspiron Mini 9 ?

    World hunger???.... I don't think we'll be solving that here. It's clear that all 3 methods of installation work, and people keep asking about how to install correctly when it's already been covered. Let's talk about fixing sleep and getting the SD card reader working. And to be clear, I totally appreciate all the time and effort put in by people all around the world to help people like me run OSX beyond it's limits....you know who you are.
  9. Dell Inspiron Mini 9 ?

    I've been watching all the posts on the mini and found all the methods to install fantastic and easy enough for even the most casual user...but please could someone be a hero and solve the power / sleep issue. I for one would be so grateful.