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    best way to 4K-enable old MacPros?

    whats the DP? sorry,i got a mac pro 1,1 also and i want to upgrade the 5770 to something newer and saw this post. I mainly use my mac for windows 7 and osx for school. If I keep the 5770 as primary video card,whats the fastest video card I can add for my secondary video? Can I run a 780ti in this? maybe a r9290x?
  2. OmnipotentIdiot

    How do I install 64 bit Win7 on a 2006 Mac Pro

    Nevermind,found my answer here: http://glennstevenson.com/Blog/TabId/1115/PostId/4/Install-Windows-7-64-Bit-On-Mac-Pro.aspx This was so easy and works with no problems!!!
  3. I know this is an old topic discussed several places before,but I can not get Window 7 64 bit installed on my mac pro 1,1? I have made a modified installation disc according to Jowie's guide,and I tried running Chameleon 2.1svn-r1921.pkg to emulate the 64 bit environment,but whenever I go through the windows installion I get to where I partition the drive,then it creates the 200mb space for system files,then it throws up an error code and I cant continue??? Is there a "noob proof" method to accomplishing this? THank you in advance.
  4. I'm getting a blue screen when loading up Windows 8 saying "......winload.exe is missing or corrupt" press enter to retry or F8 for startup options. I press F8 and nothing happens. Is there a way to recover windows 8 through bootcamp?
  5. I bought a hacked original apple tv from someone on craigslist,it has a 160GB hard drive and all the latest updates. How do I sync content from my itunes to the internal hard drive without wiping out the NitoTV app inside it? I know its very easy for some of you,but this is my first apple tv. Thank you. BTW,I am running windows 7 with the latest itunes if that helps. Thanks again
  6. OmnipotentIdiot

    Need help with a triple boot setup

    thank you everyone for NOT helping me. I am deleting my account and seek help else where because I can not get any guidance from the so called "experts" here.
  7. OmnipotentIdiot

    Need help with a triple boot setup

    I am (was) Chameleon 2 rc3,now I have a new problem I reinstalled Ubuntu 10.04 on the 160gb drive and now I cant even get to my previous bootloader screen. It keeps hanging at a "verifying DMI pool data" problem. I even select my OSX as the first boot device in the bios,in fact nothing should have changed in the bios. Help !!!!
  8. I have 3 seperate drives that I'd like to get a triple boot setup. Drive 1 :500GB - OSX 10.6.4 Drive 2 :1.5TB - Windows 7 Ultimate Drive 3 :160GB - Ubuntu 10.04 I have OSX running beautifully using the Lifehacker guide (EP45-UD3P,9800 GTX,C2Quad) , and I can boot into windows 7,but the bootloader will not recognize the Ubuntu install. I get this: (sorry for the image quality,I'm still using an IPhone 2G) The Windows 7 shows up as "System Reserved" and when I try to boot into the "Windows NTFS" drive,I just get a "bootldr is missing" error. Can I edit the Stella bootmanager and point it in the right direction? Or do I need to delete the linux install and re-install it again?
  9. OmnipotentIdiot

    Lifehacker Guide with GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard

    ok, i ordered the exact same MB and Video card from the lifehacker build, and I already have the RAM,optical drives, and hard drive from a previous build,but I want to throw in an evga geforce gt210 pci card I have in the second pci x16 slot so I can run 3 monitors. Should I build the system first,then add in the second card,or throw it all together and then build it from scratch or will Snow Leopard even allow this?
  10. So I plugged my ipod touch 2g on my charger, and the next morning itwas stuck in DFU mode. It wont reboot into recovery mode,or normal (of course). Both my mac and pc wont recognize the itouch plugged into the usb cable, and icant even turn it off by holding the power button, I have to hold the home and power to get it to reboot. Whats wrong with this? I'll buy another if I have to,I just want to be able to get all of my stuff off of it.
  11. So my friend Jeff got an Ipad last week and was bragging about it to everyone.I've had an Ipod Touch for 2 years now,and while I love it,it wouldn't mind having the Ipad. My only complaint is,it doesnt run any OS X platforms (it could at least run Panther), so I was looking at a cheap knockoff tablet pc from china and thought if I could turn this into a hackintosh,it would stomp the hell out of an Ipad . So can anyone recommend it? I know these are cheap products,but I am an electronics student and I beleive anything that can be built cheap,can be rebuilt better. Take a lok and tell me what you think. Thanks http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT http://chinagrabber.com/ezy-x9-tablet-slat...-tablet-pc.aspx
  12. OmnipotentIdiot

    Lifehacker Guide with GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard

    This build mainly focuses on the MB,correct? Can I use a Pentium D cpu with this build and the script? I'll buy the video card too if needed,but I want to build this as cheap as possible if I already have capable hardware laying around.
  13. OmnipotentIdiot

    HDD swap between two PowerMac G4 towers?

    thanks for the reply,everything swapped over but the hard drive would not load leopard from the previous machine so I ended up doing a re-install. Id have another issue though,my 80gb HD shows up as 31.75gb? Systemprofiler reads all of the HD info correctly(serial number,bios number,etc.) but only gives me half of the storage? Any ideas?
  14. I have a G4 dual 533 laying around that has Leopard running on it and someone gave me a G4 Quicksilver with nothing in it. Can I take the RAM,HD,Airport,etc. out of the duo 533 and put it all in the Quicksilver without having to wipe the hard drive and re-install?
  15. which board do I choose from the drop down menu to create a bootable disc for my ASUS p5lp-le board?