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  1. Qjimbo, as far i know, there's no solution to your problem! The Resolution patcher (module or embedded) only works with Intel chipsets up to 900 series.
  2. You are missing a space, like "Boot Banner". Answered by ErmaC. Anyway, i will disable the extra info by default soon...
  3. Ok, i get it now app mess... i rarely use Safari and usually is to solve problems, with e.g. problematic downloads, not to mess them; as for Cham Wiz, i follow development but never used it.
  4. STLVNUB, the pkg is gzip'ed before being uploaded: pkg installer: all ... @gzip --best ${DISTFILE}.pkg so, it can't be already de-compressed. Maybe it should get the same treatment as the bin package: dist image: all ... @cd ${SYMROOT} && tar -cf ${DISTFILE}.tar ${DISTROOT} @gzip --best ${DISTFILE}.tar @mv ${DISTFILE}.tar.gz ${DISTFILE}.tgz tar'ed and gzip'ed ?? Keep in mind that i have no access to Lion...
  5. I don't want to enter in big considerations about this; as i said, i don't really care, as long as it works; i was just mentioning the country/language codes; didn't went to the extent of checking apps languages and certainly not on Lion, since i don't use it, but let me check... Yep, i can see what you pointed on Safari... oh well, i'm not going to express my opinion as a Portuguese citizen What i understand in Apple's way, is that e.g. in this case we should have 3 lproj, pt, pt_BR and pt_PT; pt would have the common parts and the other two, the respective differences; nice more work... these guys do love to keep us busy My vote is for pt_PT and pt_BR, that's it! Same stuff for other languages. About the package it self, probably needs update in the way that's build, but for now i'm just focused on fixing install problems... we'll see about the rest...
  6. Oldnapalm, i think you need to read some about country and language codes. Since when pt = Brazil?? And iFabio, this stuff was fine as it was, imho. Anyway, i don't really care...
  7. Mitch, most probably Lion doesn't like the way the pkg is built and the buildpkg.sh needs to be updated..?! I can't test this on Lion because i don't run it. Will talk to the guys about it; we need the buildbot running a XCode 3 build. Do you know of anyone else having the same problem? yeah... and Brazilian Portuguese should be pt_BR
  8. I just tried both XCode 4.1 & 4.0.1 r1434 and they run as usual. Can you compile with XCode 3? If not, here's one built with 3.2.6 on Snow: Chameleon_2.1svn_r1434.pkg.gz Remember what i said on the other post
  9. Well, for now i'm just looking at the install scripts. I will post progress on the Voodoo forums topic.
  10. Hi Nai, sorry for the late reply.. i'm not following these topic regularly anymore. Please pm me so we can talk or follow the ATi/AMD link on my signature and post there. I'd like to know what framebuffer you're using so i can add it to the booter's code. Thanks Hi Dr. jackson; Kabyl's work was added to the trunk (Chameleon) long time ago. Follow the "buildbots" link on my sig for the latest builds. About your problem, can't help with Lion (i don't use it... yet). Show up in the topic i pointed above if you like... Just look at the plists inside the ATIRadeonXy00 kexts; if a dev id is not there, most likely will need bin patch.
  11. Mitch, i still didn't understood your problem??! Download the pkg e.g. Chameleon-2.1svn-r1427.pkg.gz, unpack it and run it... Well, i really don't recommend running it, not just yet... needs some fixing; i'm taking a look at it.
  12. yeah... was just checking if you really had it under control Well, i added what Arteck posted; i only checked the rom some hours ago. I've been giving to much importance to the subsys id/ven; on the booter, it's mainly a way to sort cards; it doesn't have any effect on the subsys id/ven used by the system.
  13. Hi Nai22, if the data you're adding is correct and you're using AtiConfig=someFB, i don't see a reason for "Unsupported". A bdmesg would help and i don't think adding the device to ati5000controller.kext will. I added two 6741 to the trunk recently, but i don't know what framebuffer to use because i got no feedback on that. You better start reading bcc9's topic, if you haven't yet if it doesn't work ootb with a personality, you'll need to patch one to suite your needs. And even then, there's always the "fail" possibility.
  14. Ok, you have it under control... i got it I remember now you mentioned the Controller plist thing with the 4000 series. Anyway, what about the subsys id difference i pointed??
  15. Well, i already explained what i need and were you guys can find me. I don't have time or patience for this jumping around anymore...