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  1. Installed iAtkos v4i first try. Everything seems ok, video 1280x1024, realteck 8187 working. The problem is I installed some software and dont work. Firefox- working Adium- working Pixelmator- installs and opens but the canvas is white and i cant do anything ( doesnt matter if I open an image, its white. Layers menu show the image, and if I apply an effect like blur its visible in the layer menu but not in the actual canvas ) Photoshop. installs and run, ask for serial or 30 day tryout, doesnt matter what i choose, it instantly crash when I click Continue. Its funny cuz i can live without any software EXCEPT photoshop. I think it can be a graphic card problem but i dont know. e6600 intel core2duo realtek 8187 nvidia gforce7600 gs 2g ram
  2. can someone help me install this driver? i download de 182 kb Intel82566MM.kext.tar.gz in terminal: sudo tcsh cd /tmp tar zxvf xxxrutexxx/Intel82566MM.kext.tar.gz ls -l kextload intel82566MM.kext HERE i get a message like, kext not found in directory. any clue?
  3. still waiting for root device

    Didn´t work. is there any other method of updating ? or a 10.5.3 DVD ? tx alot
  4. still waiting for root device

    ill try it now. Thanks for the fast answer I insert the link content for reference, if the other site disapears or something people could find this information useful. Upgrade 10.5.1 to 10.5.2 1. Download the 10.5.2 Combo Update (search Google) 343MB 2. Go to /System/Library/Extensions/ 3. Start Update 4. When AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext apperars, move it to trash immediatly 5. The install finishes, but do NOT click the restartbutton! 6. Go to /System/InstallAtStartup/scripts/ and open the file 1 with a texteditor if you can’t access the folder * rightclick > Get Info * at the bottom of the window it says Sharing & Permission, unlock it and click the plusbutton * Select your Username, press Select and change your permissions to read & write 7. Find the string /System/Library/Extensions/Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext and replace it with /System/Library/Extensions/dsmos.kext 8. Save the file and restart Update 10.5.2 to 10.5.3 1. Download the 10.5.3 Combo Update (search Google) 536MB 2. Repeat steps 2 to 8 from above Update 10.5.3 to 10.5.4 Just start the Apple Softwareupdate, download and install the 10.5.4 update. Now you should have running OS X 10.5.4!
  5. Hi, after kalyway dvd 10.5.2 tried kaly´s update combo pack. all i get is Still waiting for root device. also i get this message in yellow Failed to load extension com.orByte.driver.PCGenUSBEHCI ive fixed permissions but didnt work.. i can get 10.5.2 to work perfectly. maybe that combo update is not right for me, but i cant find a way of updating any information would be appreciated. pd. ive searched like a crazy, i dont complain about lack of information, but theres so much information is impossible to find something. most search results are new threads about people complaining of answering the same thing 100000 times. or really old threads for 10.4.x that doesnt work for me. pd2. i dont like posting for problems, realy hate it but im desperate Tx in advance
  6. Yes, i used kalyway´s Update Combo Pack. i followed this steps found on the link i posted before 1. Install the Combo Update, do not restart. 2. Install Kalyways Kernel pkg. Make sure that you choose the proper kernel according to your system specs. If you would like to keep your old 9.2 kernel, please install the package without selecting the 9.3 Kernel. 3. Reboot, Type update -v and cross your fingers.
  7. I used this > Kalyway Combo Update to update my 10.5.1 to 10.5.3 i think i screwed up because it says its only for SSE3 CPUs ( i have intel core 2 duo) anyway. now, im stucked with STILL WAITING FOR ROOT DEVICE tried update -v but doesn´t work. 4 months since i don´t do any hackintosh so im very out of date , ill appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. tx alot.
  8. WLAN via USB not working anymore

    maybe im doing something wrong. how do i set my ip and subnet ? that might work. tx alothow can i know if my dongle has the ralink chipset
  9. WLAN via USB not working anymore

    didnt work any other sugestion ? i got the card drivers but they only have for tiger can anyone recomend me a usb dongle that works gr8? cheap? tx alot.
  10. WLAN via USB not working anymore

    Please! i have spontanous internet how can i fix that
  11. Hi! i installed leopard and everything work fine! except for my network cad that its not supported, so i grab this ENCORE branded USB dongle and it worked! i was online like 2 hours i even download photoshop and parallels... but sudenly stoped working and i cant get it to work again. tx in advance
  12. Dell XPS 410 Resource Extravaganza

    i just found a Linksys wireless card, model WMP54G will that work, i cant find any information about it. tx alot.
  13. i dont have 2 hdd, also, my keyboard is no PS/2 will this still work ? how can i do what you say if i dont have 2 hdd? tx for the help
  14. Big Problem

    it doenst work for me, when i write passwd root. it answer, COMMAND NOT FOUND. what shoud i do
  15. im booting from dvd how did i acces that from the hd? also, ive reinstalled a couple of times and the same happens.