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    The Great Driver Hunt

    I've just done the same thing, but I'm not reaching the desktop after a reboot, just getting black lines at the top of the screen (20" iMac). Hope it goes ok for you! Update: the machine is working, it just seems unable to update the display.
  2. nwSimon

    Bluetooth Fix

    For the 20", I just got bluetooth working if this helps anyone: http://forum.onmac.net/showthread.php?p=1424#post1424
  3. nwSimon

    Could someone clear a few things up for me?

    Thanks guys, this has been a fantastic ride so far
  4. nwSimon

    20" iMac functionality

    Here's the one I used xom20.zip
  5. nwSimon

    20" iMac functionality

    It's been done http://forum.onmac.net/showthread.php?t=185&page=2
  6. http://forum.onmac.net/showthread.php?t=188
  7. nwSimon

    Could someone clear a few things up for me?

    Gotcha. So if I am understanding correctly, no amount of creating/deleting/resizing partions on the hdd can 'break' the machine, as I can always boot from CD and let the OS X installer recreate all the needed GPT and EFI stuff, using the C key?
  8. nwSimon

    Could someone clear a few things up for me?

    That's crystal clear, thanks! But how did the poor souls who were playing with the first mactel-linux builds completely brick their macs then? surely they would still have been able to boot from cd? And the process of 'blessing' the EFI file? Does that modify the EFI in firmware in any way to tell it where to look for the new boot loader?
  9. nwSimon

    20" iMac functionality

    Thanks, that at least allows me to see the blue setup screen However I am getting a hang at 0% copying files now...
  10. I've been following this Mac/Windows/EFI thing for some time and I'm eager to run Windows on my iMac (many thanks to all those who worked this out!). There's a few things that bother me, and I think they are more general EFI questions than to do with the Windows installation - The EFI partition on the hard drive - Is this where EFI lives, or is it just a place that files EFI uses (xom.efi?) are pulled from? If I was to remove the partition would it destroy my Mac? If that is the case, then is it the same on 'normal' computers with EFI? and how do you upgrade a hard drive in a computer that has it (does the disk come with EFI already on it)?