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  1. update: after installing the new fakesmc.kext from netkas and deleting dsmos.kext snow leopard boots and works. have the same issues with this kernel, like with modbin test7 kernel. itunes account management and warcraft3 doenst work with lan/inet. i guess this two things would be fixed with the famous cpuid patch things... thanks alot and keep on !
  2. very well done! thank you very much! have sadly to report that i have the same error like CrimsonAngel post#11 with modbin test7 it boot into snow leopard... solution like -32x flag or force32 doenst work either :/ /investigate still in progress...
  3. Hey, iam sorry was busy during last week. if i were you , you should wait some days(couple of weeks) for a stable kernel with cpuid patch on the fly(i guess it is called somewhat like this) but if you have no problem with some trying and testing, go ahead. in other words; is this your main computer or just a testing pc? for a test pc, give it a try and see what works and what not. take the guide posted above and you should get some success. cheers
  4. Hey, server version? hm i have no clue if there is a different in installing snow leopard or snow leopard server Oo. exspecially for a file server, is this really needed to install a server version? anyway; socket 939 asus a8n-sli works with some older kext from leopard(10.5.2 - 10.5.6) with snow leopard. the question is: what chipset have your gigabyte board? have a look at this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=181876 worked for my socket 939 amd x2 4400+ nforce4 chipset - have 3 small bugs, but these are only in soundcontrol, warcraft3 and itunes account management(32bit). normal web surfing, itunes music, video watching, is stable since ±70hours cheers
  5. Hi All! First of all, this is my first thread. I'm gonna read a lot, so it was never needed to post something on my own. Cheer! I installed SL 10.6 retail during the last days on a separate hdd to test out, what works, what not. After some issues there are 2 bugs, where i cant find any solutions and which are important for me. another minor bug is atm not relevant for me (sound volume control doesn't work correct, also gesture play/stop/skip with logitech mxair) First: iTunes 8.2.1 works after running Marvin's AMD Util to fix the QuickTime CPUID issue, but... when i try to connect my iTunes Account and activate my iTunes for my iPhone nothing happens. With nothing i mean really nothing Clicked on every possible button to login, but there never come a new dialog. Internet Connection works in iTunes so i can browse through the iTunes Store and load Covers and so on. Tried my old iTunes from 10.5.6, same issue. Is here any solution to fix that? Second problem: Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne works, i can play, BUT when i try to click on Lan or Battle.net, frozen up and after 4-5 seconds WC3 crashes. Every time. it was needed to install rosetta to start wc3 anyway. downloaded it from apple and installed it without any error. after this, it starts. Also copying from 10.5.6 doesn't work, same issue. reinstalled, patched, same issue. With 10.5.6 on the other hdd both problems are blow away. There it works both perfect. iam not sure if the both problems have the same source... Ok, here is what i did to get to this point: Installed SL from 10.5.6 (iPC Final release)to a new formatted hdd - GUUID method i used the following files/fixes kernel is mach_kernel.test7 from modbin Chameleon rc 2.640 pkg with replaced boot file from netkas i guess? did the cmos reset fix in my DSDT.aml (with iaslMe.app changed a bit from 4 down to 2, works) ethernet works after installing forcedeth.kext Kext-Version: 1.0.0d2 (from 10.5.6) Efi String for GFX (works, can play "call of duty: modern warfare" for example) EFI Studio Sound works out of the box with usb headset, but onboard sound needed a kext from 10.5.6 AppleAC97Audio.kext Kext-Version: 1.0.0 AppleNForceATA.kext was needed to boot in (waiting still on root device error...) - works had run marvin amd util on the root folder. most of the files and the guide i followed was from http://www.infinitemac.com/f57/amd-snow-le...-install-t3727/ specs of my system should be in my sig. atm it is only x32 mode. any ideas how to fix these issues? Cheer and best regards karimba
  6. Kompettes-Backup welches Programm

    @WannaBeApple: an deiner siggi erahne ich dass auf deiner 500 gb platte vista läuft - ist diese vllt im NTFS format formatiert? wenn ja, dann ist mir zumindest keine möglichkeit bekannt mac osx dazu zu bringen dort zu schreiben - lesen geht afaik. falls es doch geht, infos pls
  7. iTunes 8 and Quicktime 7.5.5 Crash

    after this step: leopard dont want to boot anymore. tried some boots but nothing... reinstalled the hole system... thanks anyway ;>
  8. iTunes 8 and Quicktime 7.5.5 Crash

    not exact the same thing, but same behavior. installed quicktime 7.5.5 and itunes 8 and now both crashes during startup... i tried to install both apps with pacifist from the install dvd(which worked before ;>) and the issue is NOT gone. uhm folders/files was itunes app self, quicktime self and the components from quicktime. might be a amd only problem with quicktime 7.5.5 , isnt it?