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  1. ATI HD 5770

    36.9 was with an i5 750 @ 3.2GHz (3.36 when Turbo kicks in). So yeah, it seems about right. ^.^
  2. ATI HD 5770

    I get 36.9 fps in Cinebench OpenGL with the original Apple 5770 rom @ netkas.org forum. Although I also get about the same with the rom that Trauma posted here along with boot7 (the sapphire one)
  3. ATI HD 5770

    Try repairing all permissions from Disk Utility on your Mac OS drive. Fixed a KP for me once.
  4. NVIDIA nForce SATA driver

    Hey there, when I try to extract the .zip it gives me "Operation not permitted". Edit: unzip in Terminal worked. Edit2: Unfortunately, using this kext along with this nForce kext still only leaves me with my boot drive.
  5. NVIDIA nForce SATA driver

    I have 2 hard drives inside of my laptop. Here is the hardware.txt hardware.txt
  6. NVIDIA nForce SATA driver

    I am on a laptop - HP DV9562ea specifically, with a MCP65 board.
  7. Thanks a lot for this method, I tried Munky's method but had trouble with some kexts not loading and I couldn't get QE/CI. Everything works well though with this method - I have a near 100% working system on my AMD HP laptop.
  8. NVIDIA nForce SATA driver

    Still doesn't work I'm afraid - the driver only picks up my first hard drive.
  9. NVIDIA nForce SATA driver

    This worked perfectly in getting my laptop to boot A LOT quicker. Although - when it boots - I can only see my Leopard drive. I can't see my DVD drive or my second SATA drive. If you could fix this, or tell me how I can do it myself, it would be great.
  10. With the 10.5.4 base iso, everytime I boot, my network settings duplicate and the normal settings don't work anymore. I have to delete the old settings, and use the duplicated ones and enter my IP address etc in to them everytime. I'm downloading the new iso now, I hope it works well on my laptop - not many distro's work on it. x[
  11. Earlier, I recalled installing one of the power management kexts from the iso which I thought that might be causing the audio stuttering. I reinstalled today without it and the audio is working fine now. I seem to get the occasional mouse lag though, where the cursor stutters for about a second or two.
  12. Yeah it's an infra red dongle, I've tried booting with my mouse IR dongle, my wired Apple keyboard. It only boots when the keyboard dongle is in. :S I don't think I installed anything else from the disc, this happens on any distro. I just installed AzaliaAudio.pkg for my Conexant HD on-board sound and the audio is quite choppy - any idea on why that could be happening?
  13. Ok, without the USB wireless keyboard adapter in, it stops at Still waiting for root device... With it plugged in, it says Still waiting for root device once, then continues loading. http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/1953/image019rr3.jpg Here are my hardware ID's, and my laptop is a HP DV9562ea I've tried the nForce chipset kext and the nForce test kext during install
  14. Could you tell me the best way of retrieving my hardware details along with ID's within either Leopard or Linux?
  15. Thanks a lot for this distro, iPC doesn't work on my laptop with AMD CPU, nForce chipset, neither did iDeneb 10.5.5. I was stuck with iDeneb 10.5.4 for a while, however, this installed with no problems at all. I still have this one weird problem though - I can only boot the OS if I have a wireless keyboard adapter plugged in to the USB slot, which came with the Trust DS-3200 Wireless Optical Slimline Deskset. I will post a photo of where it gets stuck without it being plugged in if requested.