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  1. A lot is pointing to new iMac's in the coming weeks (macrumors, appleinsider). They have to be i5/i7 and I guess they will use the P55 chipset too. That should make this the new favourite hackintosh platform
  2. So, with the new PCEFI v10.3, ethernet works "out of the box" on the GA-EX58-UD5, without installing kexts or anything? And the same with Radeon 48x0 video cards?
  3. I don't think digital_dreamer's guide is for the new socket 1156 i7's (and P55 chipset). PS. It's a bit of a risk just hoping that Apple will release iMac's or Mac Pro's with the new Lynnfield CPU's... You never know with Apple
  4. This is rather bad news indeed. I won't be buying my P55 motherboard and i7-860 CPU before Snow Leopard is working with Vanilla kernel. I hope some of the clever people here at insanelymac will find a solution! Until then, I will put my purchase on hold Good luck to everyone, I'm glad you have 10.5 working at least
  5. Wow, that's great! Nice work Could you please write here, exactly how you did it? Does everything work on the motherboard, LAN, FireWire etc? And, could you try and run GeekBench too? What about Snow Leopard, are you going to try that, would be nice to have the latest and greatest OS working?
  6. I really hope someone here will help you. I'm very close to ordering my own system! This guy on YouTube made it all work with iAtkos v7 (except that only 1 CPU core is detected), but I really think you should try and get it working without the distro's Link: Could you please give a link to this asus and i7 guy you mention? Thanks
  7. Please try and check if you can run "vanilla" kernel with the Core i7-860. I hope it's just the Core i5 that needs a hacked kernel.
  8. I specifically want an mATX motherboard, I need it for my Antec NSK3480 mATX case Does anyone know if the Core i7-860 will work with a "vanilla" install? The first post mentioned that you need Qoopz kernel, but that's with the Core i5, maybe you don't need it for the 860?
  9. Please run the gfx tests again, and see if the new ATI drivers in 10.6.1 make the 4850 run faster ! Thanks
  10. What's the difference between the GigaByte GV-R485MC-1GI and GV-R485MC-1GH? And will both models work with the method in post 1 ?
  11. I think I will buy the new GigaByte GA-P55M-UD4 mATX motherboard and the new Core i7-860 CPU. Do you think these two will work with Snow Leopard? GA-P55M-UD4 review here: http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1065/1/
  12. The guide posted in this thread, mentions that you can only boot with Qoopz kernel. Is that just for the Core i5 processor? Will the Core i7-860 be able to boot without changing kernel to Qoopz?
  13. HawgGuy, Thanks a lot for the info! I'm looking to buy the GIGABYTE Radeon HD 4850 GV-R485MC-1GI Video Card and running Snow Leopard. Does dual-link DVI work with the card in Snow Leopard? I want to use a 30" 2560x1600 monitor with the card.
  14. Any updates on this? It's very interesting... I'm planning on doing an mATX hackintosh with a Core i7-860 CPU
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