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  1. white screen with apple after installing Lion

    same problem...White screen after installing on 10.6 snow leo partition GA EP35C DS3R dsdt QUAD ATI HD 5770
  2. MSI GX620 Snow Leo

    Is already installed on my MSI GX620 and working but I want to check and Fix a few things snowleopard_10a432 Use Install_BootFlash.zip for install from USB KEY >8gb - I used netkas boot 10.1 file for intalation and FlagKey cpus=1 to get only one core of cpu (only for intallation) after intall you can use this kexts After_Install.zip but if you want Battery Indicator woirking u will need to delete AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext and put VoodooBattery.kext for 64-bit from xttp://superhai.com/files/snow/release/VoodooBattery.kext.zip I'm using VoodooHDA (delete AppleHDA and put VoodooHDA to /../../Extensions folder it's all - read another tutorials on this forum how to intall snow leo on Laptop but I still need for help to patch my DSDT I want to use AppleHDA.kext , and i want to fix sleep mode, USB fix etc.... WHO CAN HELP ME WITH IT?
  3. MSI GX620 Snow Leo

    Hello http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...Portables#GX620 I Install Snow Leo(original) on MSI GX620 I think have a few problem with it. 1.DSDT - who can help me with it (check CPU Section(SPEEDSTEPS), Video Section, Sound Section and other fixes)dsdt.aml.zip 2. Sound HDA (I need FULLY working AppleHDA or VoodooHDA) NEED HELP DSDT PATCHING 3. ALSO we have MODIFIED BIOS! But I scary to use it - Anyone install it on this notebook? If I will use MODIFIED BIOS - I not need to use dsdt?MODIFIED_BIOS.zip 5. Installed kexts in Extra + Voodoo 6. Battery indicator not working in 64 bit 7. I have kernel panic in 32bit load (I think the problem is DSDT CPU Section NEED HELP)
  4. MSI MegaBook GX700 owners experieces

    TRY iDNEB v1.4 10.5.6
  5. MSI MegaBook GX700 owners experieces

    ANY NEWS???????/
  6. MSI MegaBook GX700 owners experieces

    Install osx with the genericcpumanagment -
  7. MSI MegaBook GX700 owners experieces

    F*CK - why did I buy this new MSI laptop NEXT ONE - WILL BE MACBOOK ONLY - WITH ALL SYSTEM WORKING BUT FISTLY I WILL TRY BEFORE I BUY I HAVE SLEEP MODE OK + POWER OFF WORKING AUTO AFTER BACK TO VANILLA 9.6 iDENEB 10.5.6 DSTD +PCEFIV9 Vanilla 9.6 (default) AppleACPIPlatform.kext AppleAPIC.kext from iDeneb 10.5.5 ICHx ALC888 (working without autodetect headphones ) BatteryManager fix SMBios 800 fix (u can without this fix) Nvinject 0.2.1 512(working good for me with QE support) GenericCPUManagment (only after this fix I've got power off + sleep mode ok) so you can update your system from apple.com !!! after update all is ok! QT 7.6 also! HOW I CAN MAKE DVD INSTALLATION RETAIL?? HAVE ANY IDEA WHICH KEXT I NEED FOR RETAIL INSTALL ON THIS LAPTOP I HAVE MSI GX 620
  8. MSI MegaBook GX700 owners experieces

  9. MSI MegaBook GX700 owners experieces

    Tangra, hehehe not need it work good!!! I have FREE MAC BOOK PRO + LOGIC 8 FREE SO I CAN SHUT DOWN MANUALLY:) PPL - WHO UPDATE QUICK TIME TO 7.6 ? ANY PROBLEMS? and about kernel voodoo - after installing this kernel I can update os x from apple or I will need install vanilla for this and back to voodoo?
  10. MSI MegaBook GX700 owners experieces

    I have the same problem with shutdown. (but in iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 It was OK) - Maybe need change a few files...again mY BE cause audio driver... Tangra, If I Restart my laptop and after I push the shutdown button so when i'm not in OSX 100% - but its ok for motherboard ?
  11. MSI MegaBook GX700 owners experieces

    web camera work fully and good! - I'm test in logic 8 NO AUTO-SWITCHING to headphones! Need enter to AUDIO/MIDI Setup i see it in profile like USB CNF7231 - device in ideneb 1,3 and 1,4 it work automaticaly without any kext just intall skype or adium and check web camera
  12. MSI MegaBook GX700 owners experieces

    MSI MEGABOOK GX620 installed iDeneb 1.4 10.5.6 - like Tangra's Tutorial in this topic all is working good sound work Geforce 9600m GT 512 Nvinject 512 work bluetooth work web camera work 2 CPUS DUAL CORE FULL WIFI Intel 5100 - not supported - but i can see this device in Profile USB LAN work I was check Ableton 6.0.7 fast - all working i have a sound nice all worked witout fresh BIG THANKS TO TANGRA - U Are iKILLER this man is really nice - he help me in my mails and special problems... RESPECT BRO - YOU ARE GOOD MAN !
  13. Hi. I have some problem on my MSI GX620. I Understand that MSI MOTHERBOARD needs install Pachet BIOS But I won't do it this on my New laptop... cause it may be burn something so I still awaiting for solution on this kind of motherboards osxcores site50 net - here you can search patched BIOS for many motherboards