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    Hp mini 1000 Sleep help!

    Hey guys, so i have a hp mini running 10.5.7 and i followed this guide Mosty every things working, Audio, Video (even quarts extreame) and webcam ect) But i have one prob When i try to sleep it, it makes a pop sound then the screen goes black then turns right back on to what i left it as... Huh.. Plz help! i all ready tryed superhais method but no success. (Might be because the cfbundleversion was different that i noticed.. so who ever has a hp mini with sleep help!!
  2. Hey, So i have a Hp Pavilion dv9500, Sadly it has a Intel Wireless 4965agn i understand this card is under dev, but what could i use instead if i dont want to wait? The Intel Wireless 4965agn has 3 Antennas, that i thought was kinda odd... So please help me outtt! thx p.s the laptops running 10.5.2
  3. benmcl

    Creating a Hackintosh Using Genuine 10.5 CDs

    Dont think u can use like the CDs that came with the comp..... But if you have a retail copy of Leopard like in one disk, that can be used in other computers Not just Macbooks or what ever. Use Boot 123, Google on the forum boot123 and ull get some guides.. good luck!
  4. Hey Guys, Im selling my Hackintosh Desktop. Its a Mini desktop computer and is as slim as a DvD Player. Its Perfect for a Media center. Osx works fine running vanilla, With sound, QE, It has a GMA 950 so yea..... and a intel 945GC chipset. Its Great and fast. and updates fine! It also comes with a 160 gig Hd and 2 gigs of ram. Please email me, dont pm me. Email me with q's! bmclaughlinben@gmail.com sorry forgot to add price, asking $312 But im willing to negoatate, it also has a 1.6Ghz Intel atom sorry forgot to add price, asking $312 But im willing to negotiate, it also has a 1.6Ghz Intel atom
  5. Following this guide, Will i be able to update Straght from apple? Or do i have to do alittle more work>>>?
  6. benmcl

    Leopard on P4P800-vm (How?)

    Hey Go to http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=150370 I just posted how to do it.... Sorta..... Well it requires Boot 123 For The boot of the Install disk (Kaliway 10.5.2) and the Hard drive every time
  7. Yea actualy, I sort of got it running, Use Kaliway 10.5.2 install it and then Reboot, But heres the weird thing, Use Boot 123 to boot up Kaliway, And Then you must you boot 123 to boot up the Hard drive every time.... It sucks i know But at least its a hackintosh......... Now only for the Video Drivers
  8. benmcl

    Dell Inspiron E1505

    try Kalyway and Make shure u select Jaz SSE2 thing.... See if that works
  9. benmcl

    Battery Info Not Showing iAtkos 10.5.5

    Did u install the Power Managemen.kext??? If not Get it (The Hacked one for hackintoshes) Then ull have battery status working
  10. Has there been any thing new on the Dev on kexts for the ATI radeon 9000? Like QE enabled? i have a inspiron 600m with a dell Latitude 600m Mobo inside....Yea....they put a diff mobo inside Cant find any thing new
  11. benmcl

    ASK For It !

    I have a Dell inspiron 600m. Running 10.5.2....... Dose any one have a Sleep on lid close driver? so when i close my lid of my laptop it will sleep? but, The Display dosent turn off?!??! but the computer sleeps?? Please reply
  12. benmcl

    Dell Vostro 1500 problems

    Try useing the SEE2 Jaz APIC thig!!!
  13. benmcl

    Time Machine Won't Start

    Quartz extreme, Its a graphic thing, Some apps need it to run. I was just brain storming.
  14. benmcl

    Time Machine Won't Start

    well if people say its a video problem Do u have QE enabled??