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  1. According to http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?...p;mode=threaded an injector is like a dummy kext, which gets loaded by the bootloader and "injects" "certain" "values" to a real kext in System/Library/Extensions. Therefore it only works in /Extras/Extensions. So it's not a real "driver", and doesn't care if it's PPC, i386 or x86_64 feel free to correct me if i got something wrong :) i guess this case is solved. thanks Mushishi
  2. Logic Pro 9.1 Issue (hackintosh)

    evidently this is not a OsX86 related error... so seriously dude... are you retarded? a) you bought Logic ...... just contact Apple - they will help you.... b) you didn't buy it ...... use google...... - just don't assume ANYBODY is that dumb to post a pirated serial here or even the one he paid for..... i wonder what somebody THAT smart (e.g.. immediately updating an obviously pirated app, right after update was released - bravo) actually does with a Pro-App like Logic... sorry for being that harsh, but this is beyond stupidity...... ps: no problems here after updating a legal copy of Logic to 9.1
  3. thanks a lot ! x86_64 i386 i guess this means both But why do some kexts (AHCIPortInjector,IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector, ATAPortInjector in my case) not have a MacOS folder? lipo -info doesn't work on them. seems to be a pattern with those injectors so are they kind of "universal" (32+64) ?
  4. Anybody knows terminal commands to check it without loading the extension? thanks in advance
  5. ATI Rom in Chameleon RC4

    In the docs it says "custom bios for eg. custom clocks/fan speeds". I didn't try the -useatirom yet. But I flashed my 4870 512MB numerous times with custom fan/clock settings and osx at least for the fans does NOT care. As soon Osx is booted my 4870s fans slow down to "some" OsX-related value. I had to do this because it runs very hot even in idle. Sadly there is 0 info on the net how/why OsX overides my bios settings. Currently i have a bios flashed with 500/400 (gpu/ram) set at all stages (i have no clue if powerplay states are working in osx) + fans set to min of 40%. It seems cooler now (so i guess its running 500/400 - (750/900 default) but as i said, in OsX fans spin down, and no matter what i do (benchmarks, games) it stays at that value -> card getting hotter and hotter. Seems like the driver in OsX has a built-in "Catalyst Overdrive" enabled, because in Windows as soon as i activate it, the bios settings get overridden. I too cant find any info about 2d/3d in Osx, or Powerplay states related stuff. I remember just lowering the low values in a bios i flashed, and it was as hot as before. (Maybe because 4870 Mac has only 3 states - mine 4)... you see i am confused and basically at kind of the beginning of my research I know that the 4870 is designed to run "hot", but not in idle all the time. Kind a worried + i wonder if useatirom overrides that OsX behavior. ps: i only use GraphicsEnabler=yes /+ my 4870 is according to a poster at netkas.org, fully flashable to a mac 4870. pps: it just sucks so much, that there seems to be no way to read Gpu/Ram Clock or Fanspeeds or ANYTHING in OsX of your gfx.
  6. i flashed my bios with your 1.B5 -> everything works with my new E0 Q9550 (wich requires 1A official) in windows (didn't test snow yet, but sure it will work too) BUT POST displays right id, THOUGH kind of messes up with clock generation, didn't find "the pattern" yet but 400x8,5 is NOT 3667Mhz. after booting every clock reporting tool in windows report right clocks, so i guess it is just a cosmetic error witch BIOS and POST messages? don't know if that happens with official 1A too (i guess 1B5 is beta and newer, so i have no clue why it has that bug) eg. if i enable EIST in Bios, multiplier set to 8,5, as soon as enable it, the values below for resulting clock are not "correct in relationship to the chosen FSB"- if i disable EIST -> it imideately displays correct clock. switch back on -> wrong clock.......... any info on that? + THANK YOU for "whatever" you modified (would be nice to know what exactely) cheers so this works with E0 nice
  7. true, what bios is this 1B5 based on? I,m running 10.6.1 with v1.8 modified by kabyl from this thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=109564 since i want to upgrade to an E0 quad, i need v1.A @countrykoekje: no success with original 1A bios ?
  8. ah {censored}, this email notification doesn't work well here.... sorry i am sadly no pro. basically i have the same bios settings as knew know suggested in post #1 + i 'm using the 1.8 moddified by kabyl (again from post #1). since i want to make a cpu upgrade asap, and my choice (Q9550 E0 stepping) requires "7345v1A.zip" - 1A..... i HOPE somebody here has the 1A bios running and gives confirmation that snow works. i can live with -no sleep - never worked before really what i can say: with 1.8kabyl you can generate a custom DSDT.aml file with no errors. Snow works perfect with the steps from posts above, i can't really say though if it's because of the dsdt.aml somebody tested/tests other bios? going to write down step-by-step when i install again in the next week,
  9. sudo cp boot /Volumes/"insert name" e.g. sudo cp boot /Volumes/Snow this would copy the the file "boot" from the directory you are "working in", to the HDDs called "Snow" root directory 99,9% sure so if the "boot" file is e.g. on your desktop in the folder Chameleon -> navigate with cd /Users/YourUserName/Desktop/Chameleon to this directory, and execute the copy command ps: just "/" -> doesn't care if it's disk1 or disk2, this is the root directory of your installation drive
  10. Apple HDD Update in Snow Leopard

    k, and i was wondering why it didn't show up in System Update at all thx for info
  11. ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    again completely offtopic edited due not beeing nice boot into VERBOSE mode... ( -v ) so you have a text output of what's wrong. "Grey Screen with Apple logo" = 0 info. and PLEASE make a new thread, and just post a link here (You will get a lot more help) ...don't make this thread longer and longer and longer with random offtopic questions. AND THANK you for making my Juli@ work ! @toxykdude: e.g. basically this was a summary of like 100 vanilla-setup-tutorials in the tutorials section BUT without the extra information that is SURELY needed in this case.
  12. ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    No Voodoo 10.0 kernel yet, i wouldnt suggest fiddling around with something like modbins.test7 kernel on a producing setup. http://tinyurl.com/howtouseaforum
  13. ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    dude, dont get me wrong let's assume you have an ESI Juli@ .... come on Question 1: AMD and Snow... check http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showforum=45 and http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showforum=178 and look for the "AMD hurraaay" threads. Can't find any? It's not possible yet. Question 2: Yes i'm pretty sure it's possible, but i really wouldn't try it without major help or research : ) - i broke my vista install : ) Q3: Since this is an audio related thread overall, ...running any production related stuff in a VM is not the best choice (cpu, latency, ...) none of those questions should be in this thread anyway + snowleopard behaves different with 32bit compared to windows, so i am pretty sure... no real need for a 64bit kernel ready driver -for now ; ) (apps can run in 64bit on a 32bit host snowleo-system) cheers
  14. thank you again for your tutorial! I have no clue if modded bios is still required, i still use the one from the tutorial. Snow runs like a charm, except sleep. But i have to admit i didn't try to solve this since my setup runs basically 24/7. Sleep only worked after one 10.5.x update "fixing" attempt (got it several time busted). 64bit and 32bit kernel work, i have to use 32bit though because of my soundcard kext (esi juli@), but who gives since the apps run in 64 bit Gfx (8600gt) works with EFI strings, LAN out of the box, even system profiler reports right cpu speed (E2140 @ 3 Ghz) for the first time (never worked in 10.5.x).
  15. osinstall.mpkg from 10.5.8 (internal SATA) to USB-hdd. + Chameleon 2 RC 3 rocksolid