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  1. Safari or Flash bug on intel? (please verify)

    Here's mine: (how do you get the nice thumbnail) OS=10,4,5 build 8G1454 Safari=2.0.3 (417.9.2) Flash plugin=8.0 r22 OK the update to R27 did the trick! tnx domino, up to my next problem
  2. Safari or Flash bug on intel? (please verify)

    No harm will be done The same problem occurs on www.4x4info.be Maybe it has something to do with my fonts? I just installed Linotype Fontexplorer X Tres bizar
  3. Hi All, Im new to this forum, recieved my blazing fast imac 2.0 Ghz dual core last week and i hope this forum is THE best place to ask all my intelmac related questions. So heres the first one: I noticed that some websites build with flash have blue text instead of black as intended. The problem only appears in safari on intel, not in Firefox (deerhunt). When i open Safari using Rosetta, the text is black again. Is this a bug in Safari or the Flash plugin? Or is this only on my computer... Can someone please verify the site Thanks a lot