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  1. Afternoon! We're currently looking into cleaning up some of the skins that are available as an alternative to the beautiful default. Rather than just get rid of them, we figured it would make more sense to find out what the popular ones are so that we're not just randomly keeping and deleting stuff! Please vote on the forum skins that you would like to see remain for the next release of InsanelyMac. The popular ones will be brought up-to-date and will be available when the new site goes live.
  2. Pidgin

    they've basically said that they won't be doing it - it's a Cocoa app, so it'd need a total rewrite.
  3. Ripping audio from films

    another for ffmpeg here: ffmpeg -b 192k -i invideo.m4v outmusic.mp3
  4. Aperture or Lightroom

    In my opinion, Aperture is a little less intimidating than Lightroom from a beginners point of view. I've used both quite extensively and, to me, Aperture seems much more finished. I've not used Lightroom for a good few months, so I'm probably quite out of date now. That being said, there seems to be a lot more room for extending Lightroom with processing presets, which is quite cool. Guess it just depends what you want; flexibility/extensibility, go for Lightroom. Simplicity/interface, go for Aperture. I don't think you'll be disappointed either way though.