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  1. hi guys my system is hanging with the line: using 5242 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers i believe i need the AppleAPIC.kext from 10.4.8 (im using uphuck 1.3) can someone please attach it for me (it wont extract from my image using pacifist) that would be appreciated.
  2. Hi guys using JaS 10.4.8 ppf1 + ppf2 and im getting this error. here is a screenshot when it hangs: hardware im running is a HP TC1100, 1.2ghz dothan (sse2) 1gb ram, 100gb 7200rpm drive. please help me. im downloading uphuck 1.3 now and will try that too
  3. MacOSX_10.4.8DVD AMD SSE3 TEST 1 on piratebay!

    looks like the problem i had. when you format it in disk utility, make sure you select MBR as the partition table. GUID screwed mine up.
  4. MacOSX_10.4.8DVD AMD SSE3 TEST 1 on piratebay!

    im getting this too... and on vmware too! goona try follow that vmware guide at the top of this page to see if that helps edit: ok fixed it, dvd drive needed to be on master
  5. MacOSX_10.4.8DVD AMD SSE3 TEST 1 on piratebay!

    mm im downloading now need more seeds!!!
  6. Leopard Installation Method

    can someone help me with installation on a rev A g5 imac? i dont have an external FW drive, other than a 4gb mini. how can i cut xcode out, and still get it to work?