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  1. The Great Driver Hunt

    It looks like the same info that was there before...I wouldn't hold out any hope that the setup issue has been fixed, nor that the added drivers will work as intended.
  2. The Great Driver Hunt

    I'm keeping an eye on the onmac wiki myself, just in case this clown tries that stunt again...
  3. The Great Driver Hunt

    The user who posted the patch now says (on the onmac.net wiki) that he has neither tested his updated patch, nor does he even have an Intel Mac, on top of his statement that the ATI drivers included 'probley won't work'. Had that been there before, I probably wouldn't have bothered trying to install it.
  4. The Great Driver Hunt

    I'm running the installer on the new slipstream CD; I'll let y'all know what happens. Copying files...so far, so good. Copying extra stuff... No go. Same error as psychozz. Strike 1. This patch is not ready for prime time.
  5. The Great Driver Hunt

    I think the consensus is that xom.efi is the same as the original release; you shouldn't have to do anything with it for the new patch to work (if it does in fact work).
  6. help ! need "unbless" xom.efi

    Do be aware that this fix will only allow you to boot normally into OS X again...it won't correct the fact that your hard drive is now using the fdisk partition scheme (this is done by the XP installer), and thus you won't be able to reinstall OS X in the future unless you repartition the drive again. Does anyone know a way to restore a modified drive back to the GUID partition scheme without actually repartitioning (and thus losing all of your data)? Edit: Looks like someone was way ahead of me.
  7. MacBook Pro - Power Indicator in WinXP

    From what I can tell, the system is actually running from AC, but the Windows power management can't seem to be able to detect the MacBook's AC adapter as such. Watch the battery charge indicator, it shouldn't be going down as long as the machine is plugged in.
  8. Heat issues with WinXP on MBP?

    Regarding slipstreaming an upgrade CD...I did the same thing (I can't find my XP MCE disc), but I figured out that the textmode installer does support external USB optical drives (via a generic USB mass storage driver). I put my old Win2000 disc in the drive before running the XP installer, and it detected the disc after the first 'insert disc' prompt.
  9. help ! need "unbless" xom.efi

    If your OS X installation is otherwise fine, just use the same command you used to bless xom.efi, but replace 'xom.efi' with 'boot.efi' (the default Apple bootloader). You can do this from the Terminal when booting from the installer DVD.
  10. burn dual boot cd on mac?

    My brain: "snaaap!" Technically, yes, that might work. But again yes, that's probably too much work for the desired outcome.
  11. XP on an imac, up and booting (no joke this time)

    Yeah, pretty much. It's a pity that not every developer has seen the light and cross-developed for OS X... If there weren't so many darned programs that I still need to be able to run in Windows, there's no way on Earth I'd risk my precious MacBook Pro in order to get it running. Addendum: your image link redirects to your host's front page - I'm willing to bet they don't allow hotlinking. If anyone wants to see the image, copy/paste the URL into the browser manually.
  12. XP on an imac, up and booting (no joke this time)

    I'm running a 17GB XP / 75GB OSX setup on my MacBook Pro, and both systems are running just fine.