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  1. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    What about Broadcom 4227 ?
  2. Need solution for Broadcom 802.11n

    No! Linux is a bug. Windows 7 - forever
  3. Need solution for Broadcom 802.11n

    LatinMcG, or I can stop my stupidness and use Windows 7. Because I don't want to loose my warranty and loose my laptop for Mac os. Bye bye Mac OS. Thanks a lot! Topic can be locked
  4. Need solution for Broadcom 802.11n

    What should I change?
  5. Need louder sound

    I've installed VoodooHDA 2.7.2 All works! But I need louder sound like in Windows. Mac 100% volume is like 50% loud of Windows 7. It matters when I'm using headphones. Please help!
  6. Need solution for Broadcom 802.11n

    Thanks for reply! It is BCMXXX
  7. My Wi-Fi doesn't work. I'm using 32-bit of Lion
  8. Need DSDT for Lenovo G560-370A

    I've tried and it's working. But It's worked so before my using of DSDT.
  9. Need DSDT for Lenovo G560-370A

    ok... ohh thanks
  10. Need DSDT for Lenovo G560-370A

    My theory falls. Kernel panic is still here. Problem in ACPI. I've attached photo of panic: I've found problem. Problem in bootloader. How can I re-install it? I have only Win7 with access to mac drive
  11. Need DSDT for Lenovo G560-370A

    Thanks for reply! My Hackintosh stopped to boot, because I'm putted wrong DSDT.aml file. So now I need working DSDT.aml I've dumped some files from Windows with IASL. I've attached: dsdt.rar
  12. Need DSDT for Lenovo G560-370A

    DSDT Autopatcher cannot connect to server. So I can't patch my system. Please help! I'm using Lion GM
  13. I've just bought a new laptop. Is there working kexts for my configuration: Processor: Intel core i3 2.4 Ghz RAM: 2 Gb Video: NVidia GeForce 310m Thanks
  14. GMA 4500 driver for Snow Leopard

    Use Windows 7 or WinXp and forget about Mac os
  15. Intel GMA4500 / GL 4x Express Chipset

    bboyg, is there difference with 10.6 and 10.5? if i'll use 10.5.8. will QE/CI work?