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  1. Realtek RTL8139 Lion

    Solved the problem by this kext.
  2. Realtek RTL8139 Lion

    I already did, once I found a possible solution on google. However, it doesn't work and the RTL8139 is not supported. Maybe it has something to do with it, but I installed "Extra Lion DP4" ( I'm using GM ) and it made my hackintosh boot in x86 without me knowing about it. Booting in x64 solves the problem (I believe) but still no connection.
  3. Realtek RTL8139 Lion

    dmesg shows me this. Every second I guess... must definitely be my problem here. Please help me, before my computer self-destructs
  4. I've got OS X Lion installed. It was hard to find a RTL8139 for it, I ended up downloading one meant for DP2. It works, but the download speed is really slow, about 50kbps. Is this a common problem in lion or is this kext outdated? Where can I find the most recent kext for this device? Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm preparing to install OS X Lion whenever it comes out. I recently learned a method to burn a bootable install disc for OS X Lion. I figured it would not be wise to use a bootCD (like ModCD 0.3.1) and swap it with OS X Lion install DVD because there might be problems like FakeSMC etc.. most likely causing KP, right? How would I install OS X Lion from a bootable install disc? Do I just simply replace kexts in nawcom's ModCD 0.3.1? And if so, what exactly do I need to replace. (I've got a perfectly working DSDT and only need rtl8139 kext) Thank you in advance.
  6. DSDT Acer m3630

    I would, but I need to add another hard drive. I've currently got two hard drives, one for OS X and the other for Music, apps and downloads. Thank you for your reply
  7. DSDT Acer m3630

    Is this a good score for a hackintosh compared to the performance of a real MAC? I got pretty much everything working on it. I'm back on Windows 7, because I have a little bit more avantages. But I kinda miss OS X anyway. Thank you for your support.
  8. OS X Security

    I was being sarcastic I'm relative new to OS X, and I love it. It's just that I need to do some basic research before I go all out on OS X.
  9. OS X Security

    And everyone knows how easy it is to implement another executable file into an app's content, right?
  10. OS X Security

    @lucaspeed: That almost sounds sarcastic. @3.14r2: With the same user stupidity in Windows 7, I've never been bothered with this. Like I said, I keep a close eye on network traffic, and I prefer to use a demo instead of downloading and cracking without a care in the world. I delete tracking cookies frequently. I block any or partial network access to software that I'm not familiar with.
  11. I've recently installed OS X on my computer. I use the OS X build in firewall and Little snitch for extra networking security. Still, the more I use OS X, the more I question the security of it. I'm very careful which apps and website I use and visit. I try to keep everything legal as possible, even if this means using a demo. Yet, I receive more and more spam and other suspicious things every day. Today someone added me on MSN which I'm 100% sure it's a bot or commercial related bot, so I denied it. This got me thinking, am I really that safe using OS X online? I never experienced those problems in Windows. I hope someone could shed some light on this subject, and not just quote what Apple says about their own OS. Thank you.
  12. Possible shutdown issue

    It's a Freecom USB powered external hard drive.
  13. I've got OS X up and running perfectly with a custom DSDT which was patched by mald0n. My PC turns off normally on shut down, except my external USB powered hard drive. I always turn off my PSU to make sure no component is still running. I've never experienced this problem when I was using Windows 7. Is this a common problem, and should I worry about more components not shutting down properly? Other than that, I have no hardware issues other than the famous wake from sleep issue. While I'm at it, I've got a ICH7 chipset and only use one kext for my PCI ethernet card. (Onboard lan is broken, and turned off in BIOS) Thanks
  14. Choppy animation OS X 10.6.7

    It wasn't the bootloader after all. It happens when you turn off beamsync. For some reason I can't get it turned on again.
  15. Choppy animation OS X 10.6.7

    Problem solved by installing older chameleon bootloader. This must be true because the problem occurred after installing r861/r863/r873. What is weird though, is that it still claims to be r873 I hope someone could shed some light on this. Thank you.