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  1. I'm trying to compile a list of options of any SATA RAID cards that people have had success booting off. Any details as in to drivers/procedures/methods used as to getting them to boot would be appreciated. Does it help to have a Mac bootable card such as the Highpoint RocketRaid 2322, which is mac version and is bootable by osx. Or is it more of a concern to get the EFI boot loader to detect it. Any advice or links will be greatly rewarded by karma...
  2. explanation of how pc-efi and chameleon work

    cool! thanks! does it overwrite or push a changed version of com.apple.Boot.plist on the fly, making the efi strings (for gfx and such easier), i see it picks up your hardware and helps with that.. am I correct in my thinking? So how common is it to still get efi strings and is PC-EFI still used?
  3. hey everyone, it's been a very long time since I built a hackintosh (10.4.7 is my memory is correct), alot has changed and this community is just booming! I love what has happened to the OSX86 community. It's been puzzling me for a while, how pc-efi and chameleon fit it, obviously for booting and what not, i'm really confused with efi strings and how u obtain them and use them. I see chameleon and all that makes install WAAAY easier, but I don't wanna be ignorant, I'd like to know what happens behind the scenes that allows a once complicated process to be so easy. If anyone has a link to some history or explanations, or is willing to post back, i would be truly grateful...
  4. Damage to GFX Cards

    if the fan was running at full speed the whole time, i dont see how it could overheat... i saw the card this weekend... it was idling at 80C... i think the problem is that the fan was running at low rpm the whole time and got damaged over time...
  5. Damage to GFX Cards

    would you mind posting some links to either how to determine your strings, and other information about EFI strings... i've read alot, but dunno where to start...
  6. Hey everyone, a friend of mine complained today that he has removed his OSX86 install of Leopard off his machine, claiming it damaged his gfx card, an 8800GTS, running with the NVInject drivers, apparently the NVInject drivers don't do auto fan control... Anyone care to comment and/or share experiences?