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  1. Thanks Fabio..finally I found the problem after reinstalling High Sierra..The problem it's come from my Archicad Bim Server program. After uninstalling the program all work fine. Thanks for u'r help and idea mate..cheers..
  2. note yet..are you have that vanilla applegraphicpolicy?Can you share it with me. Thanks
  3. Before I already try csm enable but still not working. I install from 10.13.2 installer after that I updated to 10.13.3 & updated the supplement update. after that I work on post installation like NVIDIA, Audio etc. My liquid cooler system not connected via USB. I'm sure nothing weird kext inside S/L/E or in L/E because all my kext going to EFI folder. I never install anything that will affect the kext on S/L/E, I usually extract the installer to get the kext and I put that on clover EFI folder. I will remove the cam from USB and try to boot again. for CPU/GPU Sensor I already remove before but still not working..It's why I'm running out of idea & option.
  4. already test that too mate..but still not working..still can't figure what's wrong.
  5. Fabio..it's still not working..the problem only on restart & shutdown just up to black screen and nothing happen..sleep & wake working fine
  6. Hi Fabio, For audio kext I forgot to remove Realtek ALC from my EFi..that Realtek kext come from my Sierra EFI folder. Ok I will remove all kext to others and will use aptiomemoryfix. I'm not use any fakecpuid because my Processor it's working well without that. Yes my gtx 1080 have full acceleration..I'm patch manual the graphic policy. I will try you suggestions first and I will let you know if it's working..btw..thanks mate.
  7. Hi Fabio, I attach my EFI link below..try to upload here but always failed. For bios setting which setting you want to see mate? EFI link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wjvnr8wgqwdu5oc/EFI.zip?dl=0 Thanks.
  8. Thanks Fabio.. My shutdown and restart still not working with this patch on High Sierra 10.13.3, are you have any idea what's wrong with my system mate?
  9. Hi Fabio, Are you have reboot fix patch for High Sierra 10.13.3? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Fabio...finally solves the problem..need disable XCPM idle replace all fix by pike, xcpm pkg scope & xcpm SMT scope. After that my xcpm works fine.
  11. Hi Fabio..are you'r xcpm still working when update to Sierra 10.12.4? Any special patch for this update?thanks