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  1. mosx

    help fixing hfs+ partition error

    I just reinstalled the Chameleon EFI boot loader and all was well.
  2. mosx

    Lat D620 Help

    You need to use NVinject.
  3. mosx

    Refurbished Macbooks?

    With the exception of my Aluminum iMac every mac I have purchased has been refurbished. My first was a white ibook G3 and it's still running perfectly to this day. The only thing that has been replaced on it is the battery. Refurbs from Apple have a 1 year warranty and you can purchase AppleCare for them. It's like buying a new Mac at a discount.
  4. mosx

    Gfx lags after 10.5.4 update

    I have the same issue. Look in System Profiler under Graphics/Display. It will say Quartz Extreme: Not supported. Core Image: Software. I wonder if this can be fixed in an updated NVinject.
  5. I have a Dell d820 but its almost identical to the d620. I've posted a workaround/hack to do just this. I'm also working on a hack to get it to come back from sleep. Here's my "hack" to fix the display sleep problem. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=107030
  6. First this was tested on a Dell Latitude d820 & d620 running Kalyway 10.5.2 and iAtkos 2.0i (10.5.2) respectively. TThis also works for Latitude d620's. Both had Nvidia 120M graphics running NVInject. I haven't tested it on any other systems. This might also work with 10.4 systems. Even though this really can't break anything, I'm not responsible if this causes any damage to your system, yourself, your pets, or any other property. Use at your own risk. Problem: Display goes to sleep and won't come back. Moving the mouse makes the screen brighten like it has returned but the screen is still black. Solution: I noticed that changing the screen resolution and then changing it back makes the screen return. You can easily test if this hack/workaround will work for you. Here's how. Open up your Display properties, click your screen resolution to highlight it. Now wait for the screen to sleep (I recommend setting it to sleep the display after 1 minute to speed this up). Now once the screen goes blank move your mouse, it should brighten but still be black. Hit the up arrow on your keyboard, it should change the screen resolution and return the screen. If that worked, this hack will work for you. All we're going to do is change the screen resolution and then change it back when the wakeup command is sent. For that we need 2 packages. (link to zip below) Cscreen - command line utility to change the screen resolution Sleepwatcher - command line daemon to execute commands on sleep or wakeup (highly configurable) The installation instructions are also included in the zip file. I've pasted them here for reference. Sorry if my instructions are hard to follow, if you can write a better set please do. ################## OSx86 Monitor Refresh Workaround. If your notebook goes to sleep and wakes up properly but the monitor doesn't come back this is for you. If your computer won't return from sleep or you have other sleep related issues this is NOT for you. I found that changing the screen resolution actually wakes up the screen. This package just runs a command line app (cscreen) on wakeup to change the screen resolution back and forth to refresh the display. 1. Double click cscreen.dmg. Move the cscreen binary to /usr/bin. From the terminal sudo -s <enter password> mv /Volumes/cscreen/cscreen /usr/bin chown root:wheel /usr/bin/cscreen chmod 755 /usr/bin/cscreen 2. Double click sleepwatcher_2.0.5.dmg. Install sleepwatcher.pkg and SleepWatcher StartupItem.pkg 3. In terminal, we need to modify the startup item for sleepwatcher. sudo -s <enter your password> nano -w /Library/StartupItems/Sleepwatcher/Sleepwatcher Scroll down to line 18, it looks like this: /usr/local/sbin/sleepwatcher -d -V -s /etc/rc.sleep -w /etc/rc.wakeup Change it to look like this: /usr/local/sbin/sleepwatcher -d -V -s /etc/rc.sleep -W /etc/rc.wakeup ** NOTICE: The only change is changing the lower case 'w' to an uppercase 'W' ** Scroll down to line 28 (it's identical to the one above) and do the same thing. Save and exit 4. Next we need to make the wakeup file for sleepwatcher to use nano -w /Users/YOUR-USER-NAME/.wakeup Substitute YOUR-USER-NAME with your home folder name. In .wakeup put this: #Begin wakeup script #!/bin/bash cscreen -d 16 -x 1680 -y 1050 && cscreen -d 32 -x 1680 -y 1050 #End wakeup script cscreen is a command line utility to change screen resolutions, all we need to do is get it to refresh the screen. We can do that easily by just changing it from 32bit color (Millions of colors) to 16bit (Thousands of colors) and back to 32 bit again. Substitute your screen resolution after the -x and -y flags, leave the -d flag alone. (Mine was 1680x1050) Save and exit. 5. the .wakeup file has to be executable. chown root:wheel /Users/YOUR-USER-NAME/.wakeup chmod 755 /Users/YOUR-USER-NAME/.wakeup 6. Thats it you're done. If everything was done right it should work. You can test this by setting the display sleep time to 1 minute and then wait for the display to turn off. If everything was done right when you move the mouse your screen should flicker a little and then come back. Issues: The screen flickers for a moment and then returns while it swaps resolutions, not a big deal really. It also does the flicker/refresh on boot because the daemon launches the script on boot. This is just a minor annoyance really and is hardly noticeable. Final Thoughts: If anyone cares to clean this up, improve it, turn it into a package go for it. Its not very elegant but it works. Sleepwatcher is highly configurable and can execute all sorts of commands on sleep, wake up, display wake up, display sleep, etc .. You could probably pair this with a nice clean applescript that does the same thing cscreen does. I hope someone smarter than me comes up with a more elegant solution. - mOSX mosx_displaypackage.zip
  7. mosx

    X-Chat sysinfo script

  8. mosx

    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Goes Universal

    It's been released. Look for version 2.60c ... not 2.60b. I've been playing it, ETPro works fine, and I can join every server I tried. I can do without bootcamp now! - mOSX
  9. mosx

    Donations to Jas please

    I'm going to donate tomorrow when I cash my paycheck. You know if everyone who downloaded any of the Jas releases gave just $1, he'd have 3 MacBook's by now. C'mon guys you can't tell me this isn't worth at least $1, you give more than that to the street beggars. Consider it a Christmas gift. I'm positive JaS would love to have a MacBook Pro for Christmas. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can pay by credit card using Paypal so you don't even have to sign up. - mosx
  10. Hi, I've got a Sapphire X1600Pro 256MB, I installed 10.4.8(mikfi kernel), and used the 3.5 Neophus package. I am able to change resolutions but the video is very choppy with lots of artifacting no matter what resolution I choose. Can I still get the 3.4 package I'd like to try it assuming it has the older kexts.
  11. mosx

    New JaS DVD

    This thread is great. The whole emotion of the thing goes from - Excitement (release announcement) to - Sadness (discovery that torrent is slow) to - Anger(discovery that you wont have it today) to - finally acceptance. (at least I'll have it tomorrow) Its like getting your hands on a JaS release is a life or death situation.
  12. I'd also like to give this a shot. 16MB sounds small enough for rapidshare
  13. I don't think anyone's listening, they're all too excited Personally I'm in no rush, when it finishes I will let it seed for 72 hours before I try and use it.
  14. mosx

    PC For Sale or Trade For a Mac

    I doubt you're going to get more than $300. I just built a Pentium 4 D 2.66, 1GB Ram, 18X DVDRW, Sapphire X1600Pro, and a 160GB hard drive for $450. Add another $150 for a 19" LCD and you're right at $600, brand new and it runs OSX. Problem with computers is they get old fast and then they aren't worth anything. If you're looking for a mac though you can get a Dual 1GHZ G4 on eBay for $600-$800 without a monitor. mOSX
  15. mosx

    About This Mac Screenshots

    acidnine, have you considered parallels? I just run windows in a OSX window for the 1 windows app I'm tied to. Works great, I can drag files between desktops, or go full screen if I want. - Celato