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  1. Target, I don't know if I can help you in any way... can you give me more info ? do you have a P6T (standard) as well ? I'm not sure how much experience you have on PC Leopard installs - so bear with me. Have you tried simply booting the current version of the magicstick ? Can you at least get to the SL install screen ? Yes. This has happened to me a few times. After booting, I would find myself without network connectivity - I would go to System Settings/Network, and see that I have a disabled en0 and activated (green) en1 - but no DHCP and no connectivity. Deleting en1 (the flaky, new one) and rebooting would normally get everything back in order. Though I will try taking out AppleRTC from my magicstick and see how things go. Thanks for the tip, just wanted to let you know you are not the only one having experienced this problem - though this happened maybe 3 times (mainly after a fresh install, when I started toying around with the magicstick on a new P6T machine I just built).
  2. Many thanks to SearayX for his devoted work. I know a new version of the MagicStick is coming up shortly - and it should be fixing many problems and help ATI owners... I can help but wonder, has anybody here had any luck with ATI cards, on either 10.6 / 10.6.1 ? I have a 4870X2, and the only luck I had with it was on another computer, by applying a bunch of kext directly to the SL install. I just built a new P6T/i7.920 box, and really like the idea of a clean install + magicstick. Everything works amazingly well but the 4870X2. Very fast and responsive - but I am craving for my 4870X2 to be correctly driven (I have 2 monitors on the machine, one is useless right now). The kext I had success with don't work with the magicstick... Anybody had any luck with an ATI on P6T and SnowLeo ?
  3. sparkdude

    4870X2 Dual Monitor in Snow Leopard ?

    Interesting thought. It crossed my mind at one point, but I didn't follow through. A friend of mine has a 24" LCD, I'll have him bring it over and give it a go. I'll let you know how that goes. Thanks! -- Edit : Works great. I can drive 2 x 24" at 1920x1200 each using the DVI's. My only quirk right now is that it seems to be detecting a third, 640x480 (or 800x600) display out of nowhere. So my mouse pointer sometimes ends up on this third ghost-desktop by accident - and I move the mouse in the opposite direction to bring it back onto one of the 2 monitors.
  4. I have a P5Q (vanilla) with a Q9550 @ 3.7. I have a retail Snow Leopard install - booting with PCEFI 10.5 (over a Chameleon R2 install). My problem is that I have a DVD burner and an old hard disk hooked up to the Marvell IDE port of the motherboard - and with my current setup, neither of gets detected after boot. I have tried an old kext (AppleVIAATA) from 10.5.6, but it doesn't seem to work. What bugs me is that I have played with iPC about 6 months ago, and from that version (10.5.5?), it could see everything hooked up to my Marvell 88SE6111... I could even go as far as installing straight from the IDE DVD Drive (using iPC). Has anybody had success with Marvell 88SE6111 IDE (ASUS P5Q) on Snow Leopard ?
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    4870X2 Dual Monitor in Snow Leopard ?

    I have a P5Q (vanilla) with a Q9550 @ 3.7. One 4870X2. I have a retail Snow Leopard install - booting with PCEFI 10.5 (over a Chameleon R2 install). I'm driving the 4870X2 using an ATY_Init.kext + netkas QE_CI_ATI_exotic_cards.pkg. Works great @ 1920x1200 on a 24" display - fast, flawless, no issues with single-display. I would like to be able to drive a 2nd display (right now, testing a 19" CRT @ 1280x1024, but ultimately, another 24" monitor like the 1st one). My problem is that with this config, the 2nd display is up during boot - and as soon as I get to the desktop, it turns off with "no signal". Going to System Preferences and clicking "Detect Displays" doesn't yield anything. Has anyone tried this ? Any success ? What drivers/setup are you using ?
  6. Alright - I solved the problem. The solution is very simple : Use the latest iPC 10.5.6 instead of iDeneb 1.4. iPC has the appropriate drivers to setup the ICH10R that's on the P5Q motherboard. It doesn't even need you to be in AHCI mode, you can simply have the standard IDE. You can install from an IDE DVD drive on an IDE hard drive... So Use iPC, and in the patches, select ICH10R, and also Marvell in the chipset section - you're good to go. I have it installed, IDE hard drive & DVD, sound works, SATA works, ethernel (Atheros Gb) works... beautiful. I recommend iPC 10.5.6 to anyone who's using a P5Q in general - and especially if you're considering installing on IDE (and also FROM an IDE optical drive). Now, if I can find working drivers for my 4870X2... Thanks for everybody's input, much appreciated. Happy OSX86'ing!
  7. Tried with all of the above turned off again (PS2 mouse and keyboard). Still not finding the root device. At this point I'm thinking of just running out and buying a 250-300gig SATA drive... I have a feeling the IDE is the problem here.
  8. Went in and disabled all three. Tried booting, got this (seems like it got a bit further, but still waiting for root device) : I mentioned I selected the Marvell chipset from the available packages - I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't try and inject + set perms using the specific package for the Marvel IDE on the P5Q. I'm also downloading iATKOS_5i, if I don't get any further I might try that tonight. EDIT: Just tried iATKOS, boots to the installer fine, but it doesn't see my IDE hard drive... bummer! Also, am I right in simply going into Disk Utility and using "erase..." with MacOS Extended(journaled)", or should I be using some manual partitioning ? Ideas are welcome, and thanks Fecso for the quick reply.
  9. Hi guys. I'm trying to do an install as well, here's what I have : Asus P5Q (plain) Q9550 SATA DVD IDE HD <--- installing on IDE, not SATA (which is why I have so much trouble finding someone having the same problems - everybody uses SATA) I'm using IDeneb 1.4 (10.5.6). I flashed JUZZI's mbios 1611, loaded defaults, set SATA to AHCI. Installer boots from DVD, I see the IDE hard disk. Do an 'erase...' in Disk Utility, choose MacOS Extended(Journaled) - I'm not sharing the drive with another OS. I tried picking the Marvell chipset driver for my IDE (and also NOT picking it, tried multiple installs, none worked). Each time, the installer completes fine. When I reboot, the OS starts loading (I use -v), but I get stuck at "waiting for root device...". Suggestions ? Thanks.