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  1. my esata and IDE drives are controlled with Marvell 88SE6121. my primary sata controller is ICH10R. i've already seen my ide drives with patched AppleVIAATA.kext,, but not esata drives.. so, where to add ven/dev id then?
  2. hi Robert.. is esata supported in this mobo? i have maximus II formula on my own i have all drivers needed for my mobo but i can't see esata port in system profiler where to look it? thanks in advanced sorry for my bad english
  3. hi Simania,, thanks so much for your instruction and plist i've made it.. now i can enjoy mirror display by the way,, is it normal when display is mirrored then the main display QE is not supported anymore? like your previous screenshot mine too.. here's my screenshot
  4. Hi Simania,, thanks for your reply,, by the way,, if i only edit @0EDID and @1EDID value from your plist then import it with OSX86Tools then copy the string into com.apple.Boot.plist then the result is my primary monitor (LG LCD Monitor 22") gets blank with message like this "out of range 73 HZ/60HZ" and my second monitor (Samsung LCD TV 32") gets blank too.. what is wrong? what value/data should i delete from your plist or should i add into my own plist what's NVTM? and like where's VRAM Total Size in your plist? here's i attached my card plist that i made from OSX86Tools that i use to generate string and copy it to my com.apple.Boot.plist (my working string now..) my @0EDID is 00FFFFFF FFFFFF00 1E6D4E56 E0B80200 09110103 EA312078 EAAEC5A2 574A9C25 125054A7 6B80950F 95008180 8140714F 01010101 01017C2E 90A0601A 1E403020 3600DA28 1100001A 21399030 621A2740 68B03600 DA281100 001C0000 00FD0038 4B1C530F 000A2020 20202020 000000FC 004C3232 36575451 0A202020 202000D3 my @1EDID is 00FFFFFF FFFFFF00 4C2DBC03 00000000 2F110103 80100978 0AEE91A3 544C9926 0F505421 08008180 A9400101 01010101 01010101 0101023A 80187138 2D40582C 4500A05A 0000001E 662150B0 51001B30 40703600 A05A0000 001E0000 00FD0017 3D1A4C17 000A2020 20202020 000000FC 0053414D 53554E47 0A202020 202001D3 020327F1 4B901F04 13051403 12202122 23090707 83010000 E2000FE3 05030167 030C0020 00B82D01 1D007251 D01E206E 285500A0 5A000000 1E011D00 BC52D01E 20B82855 40A05A00 00001E01 1D801871 1C162058 2C2500A0 5A000000 9E011D80 D0721C16 20102C25 80A05A00 00009E00 00000000 00000000 00000000 0000000D would you like to take a look at it? thanks in advanced 9600GTOSX86Tools.plist.zip
  5. coz, who use hackintosh also have another OS' in their system too.. so, guess it's the answer..
  6. hi all.. i like to know if these wireless router and adapter can be used in OSX had anyone already used these? link : http://www.tp-link.com/products/product_spe.asp?id=3 http://www.tp-link.com/products/product_des.asp?id=5 sorry for my bad english thanks in advanced
  7. ADI AD2000b works with applehda

    hi gary.. it works.. only internal microphone "the selected device has no input controls" is this for rear microphone or front panel microphone? do i have to plugin the microphone first? same for digital out, "the selected device has no input controls" too. Is this normal? coz i only use 2.1 speakers plug into green line-out good job.. ps : mb is maximus ii formula
  8. how if i want to use 2 kind of efi strings? 1 for vga string 1 for ethernet string how do i set those in com.apple.Boot.plist? <key>device-properties</key> <string>vgastring+ethernetstring</string> --> filled with 2 strings in one field or <key>device-properties</key> <string>vgastring</string> <key>device-properties</key> <string>ethernetstring</string> --> filled each string in one field thanks in advanced..
  9. Nobody will help your question.. Coz, you're asking for answer that is already posted in this forum.. You'll be considered as lazy.. type this in google : your_question site:insanelymac.com
  10. iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5 Released!

    hi all,, i'm using laptop Toshiba Satellite A-80 Succesfull update into 10.5.6 But, after the update i lost battery manager From installation i chose powermanagement.pkg I extracted it from dvd and installed into 10.5.6 system but it doesn't appear anymore like before can someone point me how to make it work? thanks in advanced
  11. @munky,, i've succeed using your method my mobo is ICH10R chipset & Proc is core2quad could you point me how to load your efi partition from vista bootloader? i like to use vista as my main bootloader my system : 1s hdd --> xp & vista 2nd hdd --> leopard thanks in advanced
  12. is this updater.sh for building extensions.mkext? if not, can you explain what this command for? Also, have to always run it after update too? thanks
  13. hi ilauqsd,, i'm thinking about to make an mbr installation for leopard, coz i'm in dualboot with windows so i think i would like to install with my own boot 132 cd and retail leopard (mbr one) separately from that idea, i've already done your step by step tutorial until step C i didn't slipstream my boot 132 image into the retail one but, looks like the retail isn't bootable without boot 132 image waste only 1 dvd+r dl thou' could you help me, how to make retail leopard which can install to mbr bootable? what steps do have to take? can i just install chameleon on the dmg? thanks in advanced
  14. few question for dualbooting with xp : if i wanna use windows bootloader, how can i add darwin at it? just copy chain0 or tboot on my windows root? or have to add chain0 in /Volumes/EFI too? thanks..
  15. is it have to be in GPT format to install retail? i have mbr already (from parted magic), but when i try to install,, it is said to be in GUID If so, then i have to buy another hdd coz XP is on my main hdd now..