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  1. Hi there, I looked around couldn't find this problem. The mouse. It is there but things are acting strange. Hot corners don't work. If you right click on a file or try to select something out of the menu bar nothing highlights. (going to Open with.. doesn't show the next menu) Right clicking on the dock shows menu but doesn't let me click on any thing. Also my audio and eithernet don't work. but i would like to try this mouse thing first. What I fallowed. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=181558 http://www.infinitemac.com/f57/guide-retai...for-g31m-t3672/ If you need more info let me know. If you can't help. Let me know if you do think this is odd. Also the windows sometimes open behind the current window. This isn't right. I am really happy to have SL on my machine. these things are just odd.
  2. New updates broke my machine

    Installed the update to the old drive and deleted the evil kext and its working. Thanks all. When I installed osx for the first time it was easy and headache free. I was hoping the forum would be the same and to my delight it is.
  3. New updates broke my machine

    Ok, I did the other hdd drop in and I am redownloading the 10.5.5 update. Hopefully that fixes my broke drive. I got a feeling that the half install borked the thing pretty hard and an reinstall should fix a bit of it. It didn't take a boot loader. I just had to tell my bios which hdd i wanted to boot from. I tried blowing away that one kext but instead of telling me that the computer needed a restart when i rebooted it just sat there with "the gray apple and a pin wheel." Sounds like a country song. If not, i can still get to my files. That's good.
  4. New updates broke my machine

    What is the path to the evil kext of badness? I got the terminal up but I am not sure what to do from there.
  5. New updates broke my machine

    Well what i am gonna do is throw another hard drive in and install the os to that one too. Once that one works i can maybe use it to fix the other broke drive by installing the update properly. For losthero. I would take the vista drive out (if it is on a separate drive). Then maybe do the same.
  6. I am running a intell quad core on a Gigabyte S sereies mobo GA-G31M-S2L. I have a Nvida 8600 video card. I installed using Kalyway and it has been working great. I tried to install the latest updates including 10.5.5 and Front row as well as a couple others. Midway through the install my my machine gave me the "you need to restart your computer" error; at which point I went "{censored}." I restarted and the error came back. "{censored}" I am quite new to this and am not sure how to start to fix this thing. I hope I have provided enough information. If not, I am more then willing to give more, but if you want to just toss ideas at me that's great too. I have heard that maybe deleting some kext files is one root but i am not sure how to do that. Thanks.