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  1. Thanks for these wallpapers.. they're great!
  2. Just got my slingbox -- love it. However, the cpu runs high at like 50%. Anyone have the same issue? My fan runs constantly. Macbook, 3 gigs of ram.
  3. Found this over at MacRumors, so I can't take all the credit http://www.ourdesktops.com Pretty cool because people can vote on your desktop. You can use it for thumbnails here.
  4. that desktop with the headphones on her {censored} -- wow! LOL. Here's my current one:
  5. Introduce Yourself

    Hey all! I never knew about this forum. I've been a Mac switcher for a couple of years now. I often frequent the MacRumors forums but now that I've found this place I will have to split my time!!! I have a Macbook, last revision. I also own a 2g iPhone. I love Apple's products. Look forward to chatting it up with you guys. Thanks.