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  1. The Great Driver Hunt

    Hey J, thanks for the tip... sadly, I did verify that when I was setting it up at my home knowing that my network doesn't automatically provide keys for anybody (including myself). Good sanity check though, that could have caused all kinds of weirdness. Still scratching my head...
  2. Bluetooth Fix

    Still didn't find it after updating the INF, deleting the "USB Device" and scanning for hardware changes. Both automatic driver search and manually pointing to "Bluetooth devices" was fruitless. ... i'm going to reboot to make sure the INF change is picked up. EDIT: reboot didn't solve anything. Windows did ask me for drivers again, but couldn't find any on its own or when pointed to Bluetooth Devices or Bluetooth Radios.
  3. The Great Driver Hunt

    Ran into a couple of issues today with my XP drivers: Wireless Woes: OSX connects just fine to my 128-bit WEP-enabled NETGEAR RangeMax WPN802 access point Windows lists all the nearby networks, but refuses to connect to mine, even when I provide the right WEP key. Windows *will* connect to my work's wifi, which has all kinds of nifty certificates attached to it. I'm starting to suspect that their certificate setup is fudging up my ability to connect to non-certified networks. However, this is mitigated by the fact that the certificates should only be valid when i'm logged into my work / domain account. In that mode, i cannot even come *close* to connecting to my home network (because the certificates fail to authenticate, it won't even prompt me for a WEP key... ever). So all the problems i'm having are when i'm logged in as the local system administrator, where it does ask me for my WEP key, but then times out on connecting to the network. I tried power cycling my wap just for grins, but that didn't change anything. Hrmrmrm.... Bluetooth Blues: I can't get it working without Widcomm. See here for details. I don't want to repeat myself Any help / hints / would be very appreciated. I'm banging my head against the wall here and it's starting to hurt.
  4. Bluetooth Fix

    I'm not using the Widcomm stack (just wanted to get it to work with XP SP2 alone) and while Windows detects a "USB Device" it fails to automatically find drivers for the device. i tried manually selecting drivers and pointing at the Bluetooth category, but it didn't find any there either. are there any other steps to getting this to work sans-Widcomm?
  5. The Great Driver Hunt

    Morning all... I just updated my MacBook Pro rollup post to include the new Bluetooth fix as well as the disable-acceleration video tip (my apologies for not posting that one earlier... i've been using it for quite a while and totally forgot that nobody mentioned it here already)!
  6. The Great Driver Hunt

    Yeah, i know Too bad i can't claim it. http://www.acronymfinder.com/af-query.asp?...BM&String=exact https://www.unsanity.com/haxies/wsx http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=ICBM+...ip+Based+Mac%22 etc.
  7. The Great Driver Hunt

    (sort of ) well, XOM is the stock ticker symbol for Exxon Mobil, so that might not be the best choice. it's also the XML Object Model, and that team of guys has asserted a trademark on "XOM" We MacBook owners could probably get away with XOMB (pronounced "zombie")... but that wouldn't help the iMaccers. Also, using the term "X" for "XP" is short-sighted. Vista is coming out in less than a year at which point "X" will be out of vogue. What about modifying the ICBM (Intel Chip Based Macintosh) acronym? Say... WOICBM (Windows On Intel Chip Based Macintosh). True, it's not sexy... but I did a Google search for WOICBM and you know how many results i got? One.
  8. The Great Driver Hunt

    I believe the only perceptible change people have mentioned is the ICH7 SMBus Controller is now recognizable. In general though, it's always a good idea to have the latest chipset drivers installed, even if it just "freshens" the ones redistributed by Microsoft.
  9. XP & OSX Simultaneously using Virtualization?

    The chips (meaning the Yonah core duo processors) do support VT. What doesn't support it (at least, not in a confirmed fashion) is the Radeon x1600, and much of the other hardware... and of course you need a hypervisor and a Virtual Machine Manager to actually divvy up the hardware and sort all the state details out at runtime. Lots of work is going into Vista's new video driver model to support many simultaneously active 3D draw surfaces on a card (increase from 2 (xp) to 10 if memory serves) which is what gives Vista its graphical sweetness. This work could lay a foundation for virtualization, but you still need to have a VT concept at the GPU and memory level... After all, how can you simultaneously maintain two video framebuffers? Say you're playing a DVD fullscreen in OSX and playing Half-Life 2 fullscreen in Vista on the other virtual half of the machine. Which side gets priority? Or do you see a brilliant combination of both (half-life 2 overlayed with a huge full-motion DVD image)? Or what if you played HL2 on XP and Warcraft III on OSX at the same time? Who gets the sound card? Both games are 3D-accelerated... how does the GPU manage that and keep the frame buffer and zbuffer and shader pipelines and all the other buffers intact? My example is crude, but i think you get the point. We've got a ways to go before VT will be a practical reality for end-users.
  10. Fortunately the machine seems to reboot OK after you force-power-off... but it's quite disconcerting. So until we get the power management stuff figured out... "Beware the (Stand By) grooooove..."
  11. The Great Driver Hunt

    Well, I just did. (Why not? to quote Dave, "got nuthin' better to do"). In safe mode, the (old 5.13b) drivers throw a "Severe" INF error (Video driver not found.) and then suggest "Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup." If that sounds familiar it's because its exactly what happens when you try to install the latest Catalyst drivers in normal mode. Back to square 1 (again). -jer (p.s. No more comments from me for the next ~12 hours or so... gonna get some sleep and got meetings later on this AM. Y'all take care!)
  12. The Great Driver Hunt

    Nice tool... even has a few more buttons (like eject) that are relevant to our cause. Gotta love the internets. Mind if i ask how you got the Eject button "working"? Even when I put TweakKey in "teach" mode it doesn't register anything when i press the Eject key... leading me to believe that it's passing a value that is well outside of the valid range of values for Windows...? "easier" perhaps initially, but then you won't have a Del(ete) key at all, just (Backspace)... and you'll have two "Windows" keys. Personally, i use Del(ete) a lot when i'm typing and editing text... and of course, there's always the need to delete files (which can't be done with Backspace). if you're a keyboard guy, you're gonna want that Delete key.
  13. The Great Driver Hunt

    Quite right you are... they don't work. They do install... but the system locks up on boot every time. Have to hit F8 to go into safe mode and then uninstall them using ATi's uninstaller in Add/Remove Programs (or hunt it down in the Program Files directory). I discovered something fun while messing around with all of that, though. After you select Windows from the bootloader you can press [Tab] to watch it do its thing or hit [Esc] to break it and get a command prompt of sorts. (not sure what any valid commands are in that prompt however... and i wouldn't want to mess anything up, so i just rebooted). Fun fun...
  14. The Great Driver Hunt

    Can't wait to hear how it goes... For the record, the Omega drivers behave just like the description of the station-drivers 5.13b set. "installer will run and install drivers successfully" ... but as you suspected, they don't actually work. I would think that if the drivers actually worked, we could put them up in the Video section and remove the "No driver has been proven to work yet." note... but they may have just overlooked that.