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  1. I tried Snow Leopard Server and Lion installation on my ASUS P5K + Intel Q6600 and everything works fine! One question: it's possible now an hardware fake using smbios.plist or something similar??? I found that use of smbios.plist is possible only with Chameleon. Thank You very much...
  2. Oh thank You very much... Ok, I successfully installed Lion on my ESXi 5 with the use of vmdk trick. I found that Lion does not see any IDE device, only SCSI devices! Can someone confirm this?!?
  3. I'm not able to find it... here my vSphere Client screenshot... Could You help me, please? I don't understand what is the problem... Thank You
  4. One important question: after path, during creation of a virtual machine, would "Lion OS X 10.7" option appear? Or the only possible selection will remain Snow Leopard??? If so, I have to manually modify my VMX configuration file??? Thank You
  5. I tried this configuration: two IDE device (empty vmdk as HD, vmdk with lion.dmg restored). On boot I entered into EFI and boot with "boot -v npci=0x2000" parameters. So this is the screenshot... It hangs but I do not understand how to resolve... Please help me!
  6. I try install Snow Leopard Server 10.6 and after 10.6.8 combo update and all ok! After I try install Lion using iso image but nothing, it hangs up on gray with apple logo. So I tried using Snow Leopard for creating a vmdk restoring on it my iso. It's the same... it hangs up on boot screen. How I can put -v and other options, like thos suggested by Donk, during boot??? please, help me...
  7. I tried to install it on my ESXi 4.1 using Donk's darwin310 and a bootable version of Lion but it reboot suddenly at the boot...
  8. Hi Donk, I tried other cpu mask on my ESXi but nothing... So I can confirm that beta6 solution with boot parameters works fine for me, too. My server is working great since 10 days with no problems... Thank You very much for all!
  9. These are my log files and serial port txts. Using suggested cpuid string the serial file is empty! I used beta2 version for test. Donk, let me know if You need different or more information vmware_log_beta2.txt vmware_log_beta2_cpuid_mask_string.txt serial_beta2.txt
  10. I've just tried your suggestion in conjuction with beta2 but nothing... now I give a chance to beta6, too I want to share a link to a document of vmware about masking CPUID, but at the moment I am not able to understand the procedure for a perfect masking! vmotion and cpuid masking I also found this document provided by Intel about CPUID and other information for building EAX, EDX, etc... This values can be inputed in the advande CPUID mask of ESXi VM Configuration; I think that with the correct strings it could be work!
  11. Tomorrow I'll try if this works on my ESXi. Today a make a different test: I assembled a new machine using an ASUS P5K motherboard and an Intel Q6600 processor, 4GB ram, 500GB SATA disk, etc. Then I installed Ubuntu Server 8.10 and Vmware Server 2.0.2 64bit (latest build), patched with darwin310b2 package. Finally I created a Virtual Machine using settings for Snow Leo but with darwin-64 as guest, ide0:0 for disk and ide1:0 for cd-rom and I have been able to install a working Snow Leo Server 10.6.0. Final step, Combo Update 10.6.4 and... IT WORKS!!! So, I can confirm that problem causing on my ESXi are the same of hippoth, and they are concerning with processor type, like previously mentioned by Donk! Soon I'll post all procedure for VMware Server 2.0.2 with vmx, etc. I want to share this post that I've just find on vmware forum: osx universal builds In this post ther's an explanation about 10.6.2, 10.6.3 and so on incompatibility with some processors like Intel i7.
  12. I tried darwin301b4 but after software update to 10.6.4 it contines to reboot!
  13. Thanks Donk, You're great! Tomorrow I also will made the test with your new beta4 darwin.iso.