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  1. Non working iDeneb 10.5.5

    It actually worked! Thanks folks! Why is it like this btw?
  2. Non working iDeneb 10.5.5

    Really no one? Thats prette bad!
  3. Non working iDeneb 10.5.5

    Someone that can interpret the booting messages on the picture i attachet in my first post?
  4. Non working iDeneb 10.5.5

    @ Donw35 : Can you recomend me some kinda burning software where i can do this? @ asapreta : Do you meen that my graphic card don't are supported? A standard nvidia 8400m gt? Thanks for the answares folks!
  5. Hi guys,, once again I need some help,, I've tried to update my Kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.5, but none of the methods I've tried has worked.. So today I downloaded the iDeneb 10.5.5 to install, but it doesn't seem to get fourther than tho the place that you can see in the picture that I've attatched. So, it's three options i feel to go. #1. To update my kalyway, to 10.5.5,, but for this i need i step-by-step guide.. #2. To get the iDeneb to work, on some kinda way that I would hope you to help me with. #3. To get another distubution, like leo4all, just that i need it to be in the 10.5.5! Hope you more experienced guys can help me..! And i have a AMD Turion x64 processor, a nvidia 8400m gt graphic card, a broadcom networking card, a realtec soundcard, and some cinda nvidia chipset.... Many regards, trymsb
  6. Hmm, don´t seem like anyones that good? Come on, someone got to know this stuffs!
  7. Hi guys.. I got a little problem here.. For a week or two, I´ve got leopard 10.5.2 working from my external hdd. I´ve tried to make it boot from the internal hdd, but it just would not work.. I start booting with rd=disk1s3 -v but it don´t seem to help.. Does anyone have any suggestions? I also want to update my leopard to 10.5.5, if someone have a working guide for kalyway, please let me know.. I use Kalyway 10.5.2 on my hp dv6653eo btw, if someone wondered. Many thanks for any answers that can help me!
  8. How do I install osx?

    Yea, im going to a apple store now, so thene well see.. Thanks for all the answares folks..!
  9. How do I install osx?

    Thanks for your reply, but now after that ive read that, i still dont know what to do,, i dont think that my computer is supported.. Dont want to screw my bios up or any sort of that, i just want a simple way to install it.. Mabye i just shall by me a Mac or something?
  10. How do I install osx?

    Yea, it stops with a message like cant find root or something like that.. Dont know exactly what that means, and Im kinda a noob when it come to this.. How do I mod the bios, or how do I update it? What about my hp thene? Will that one work? Dont get why this is so hard.....
  11. Hi guys,, I have some pc's that I want to install osx86 on.. A Hp Pavilion dv6000, more specific, a dv6653eo. And a acer aspire 5100. I have tried to download several different osx86, like Leo4all, and Zephyroth. But none of theme seems to work.. What I do, is to burn the isos to a dvd-r disc, and boot from that,, but I dont think thats the way to do it.. Ive got that i most likeley have to patch it and get more drivers, but i dont get howto.. Ive googled this quite some times, but i havent found any methods that i understand.. If anyone here could write me a howto, or direct me to one.. Its most important for me to have osx on my dv6000, but it would also worke just fine on my aspire 5100.. Thanks for any answers.. And btw, sorry for my bad english, but im wery tired, and dont feel to well..