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  1. markswell

    64bit p-state

    metchde my tool is not based on voodoomonitor/cpu-i or generic/voodoopower, it do another way.
  2. markswell

    No need for dsmos or AppleDecrypt!

    aliasa_anderson our hacks doesn't have smc chip hardware,have winbond,ite,via etc.
  3. markswell

    Chameleon 2 RC2 is out

    i use it to boot 10.6(104321). asus p45. but first launch cause panic,reason mkext and permissions.(it will be good to fix this ) so i user boot9_4 for first boot,run kextUtility,and then install and use chameleon2. msi 8800GT full works with rc2.
  4. thank you for you work. hope it be more stable and more snow compatible then 431.
  5. markswell

    PC_efi v10.1 released

    nice it works
  6. i recompiled AppleDecrypt http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3zmwwmi5rwn
  7. are you used before chameleon 1 ? if this you try install chameleon2 then replace file boot.
  8. proengin i also run in 64 bit mode with vanilla appledecrypt64,UUID64,Open_halt64,nvinject64, cpupowermanagment i use vanilla it works good. do you have hibernate? Suspend to ram works excellent but any tries to hibernate fails. instead hibernate work suspend to ram.
  9. make produce boot files but size is wrong. try to put maked boot on hdd. sorry im am stupid. now i understand. images must grow file boot size. )
  10. what's you mean? i haven't got contact with apple of course i've got hackintosh p5q+geforce based. and loader means iteresting how their work,may be somethink change for yourself. if sources public available then exist way to compile. it's simply interesting to known osx86 better.
  11. which version ntfs? is it write to ntfs that formated by win xp? well if ntfs write work ok, no need to paragon or ntfs3g software
  12. first thank's all i've try to compile in XCode but XCode doesn't open AttansicL1eEthernet.xcodeproj
  13. how to load in simple sata non ahci mode? p5ql-pro iP43 ICH10R I think need some patch or modify Info.plist in ApplePIXATA but don't know exactly
  14. markswell

    NForce SATA Controller

    Sorry it had been my motherboard and memoey problem. kext work okey
  15. markswell

    NForce SATA Controller

    on 4gb ram or lower work'w sell.But on 8 simply not booting!Is exist any fixes(my am2 asus nForce570U)?