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  1. clover disables keyboard

    For me the fix was ticking Clover -> Driver64 -> XhciDxe-64 when installing Clover. My clover install consists of boot0af, CloverEFI 64bits SATA, XhciDxe-64, OsxAptioFixDrv-64 and PartitionDxe-64
  2. Mavericks - to be locked down (in the future)?

    It's absolutely impossible to lock root user out of /system, specially when unencrypted harddrives can be switched to other machine or just boot to windows and modify the files with help of macdrive, they can try but it wont end well for apple. If they end up being able to lock it then hackintosh community will find way to override the system lock within 1hour to 2days. Im also thinking of it more like protection from tempering of os files in genuine macs that really wont affect hackintosh's at all. I think it would require TPM module to be installed to even lock the system and i think that will come with future macs to protect /system from tampering.
  3. About this Mac again! P45 Neo3-FR

    Well thats the one i tried first of all SMBioses. And i dont want to install Voodoo kernel because i want keap this up with Vanilla kernel.
  4. Well i have got Mac OS X to work in my MSi P45 Neo3-FR motherboard. Everything else works exept About this mac (crashes), only 1 cpu working and my sound drivers that does not seem to work at all. Most annoying problem is the about this mac crash and id like to get it fixed, i been trying all SMBIOS files i have found that others claim to be working but its not, still crashing. Setup as follows : MSI P45 Neo3-FR Core2 E6750 2Gb DDR2 Ram Radeon HD4870 Mac OSX with everything else vanilla exept ICH10 drivers (darwin 9.6 with leo 10.5.6 dvd), boot loader is chameleon. Anyone can help me fix this problem? (mainly the About this mac one).
  5. Hello, i need latest bios modded for MSI P35-Neo i have attached latest bios as attachment. Bios version is 1.9 (1.A0) Machine is : Core2 E8500, 6gb of Ram, GeForce 9800GTX+ Oh and the problem is that cpu's 1 problem ms_7360_1.A0.zip
  6. GUID OSX + XP + Chameleon EFI->how?

    Not shure why, but i can boot to NTFS partition (Windows Vista) from osx boot loader without making any changes after installation of Kalyway 10.5.2 It can be maybe because of i have installed "Vistaloader" to my windows vista, using vistaloader because i just dont want re-activate it every single time i swich alot of hardware.
  7. Reset CMOS, hit F1, Save bios settings and reboot, should fix it Had it too after update and got it working after doing that thing, resetting CMOS completly (remove battery, move cmos jumper to clear cmos position, move cmos jumper back to working position, put battery back in, boot, hit f1, save bios settings, boot)
  8. Hmm cannot change IDE to ACHI there is no such option in BIOS there is only "enable/disable" in IDE controller settings, i do have however option "PCI Legacy IDE" witch i dont know what it does Yes you can use WinXP and Vista normally after this fix, DSDT mod does not change anything regarding stability of motherboard so its same as you now have, i have atm Overclocked my E7200 to 3.6Ghz and memory to 1066Mhz (4-4-4-12) and havent seen stability issues with this bios, exept that i dont really like this mobo, P35 Neo-FI have worst power management regarding overlocking, 3phases analog PWM is not enought :/ You need Live Updater 3, it comes with BIOS flashing tools, browse Live Updater 3 installation folder and go to FlashUty/AMI/AFUWIN folder and then flash bios with it. I got my self P35 Neo-FI so i can say it works if you use same bios as i do, as long as your pc dont crash when flashing then your safe with updating bios this way (disable overclocks, go for max stability doring bios update), and DO NOT POWER OFF YOUR PC Doring bios update even if it "hangs" this because windows can hang temporarily when updating bios, it will recover from that hang after update done. Download bios from macnuts website (MS-7360 MSI P35 Neo-F/FI) Btw are you from finland?
  9. Got any "solutions" for that Bioses IDE problem yet? That DOC file is just instructions how to flash bios in Asus motherboards
  10. It does not change anything else exept some DSDT in one of bioses modules.
  11. Just that it does not seem to reconize IDE at all, sometimes in past it have worked once in this same iDeneb 10.5.4 but now last 3 installations it havent worked at all. In past before i bought SATA drive i had "waiting for root device" problems, got it once working and seem to cannot get it anymore working. Not shure how i should select the drivers in installation, its basicly Jimcron cabable chip but some reason that driver does not work anymore One thing im shure, its all about BIOS, how MSI made it since same kind of Gigabyte P35 motherboards work without problem with same IDE controller. Anyway im off to sleep
  12. PUFF... Now its working everyting is working now, thanks from the tip Now need just work around this IDE controller problem
  13. Hmm, HPET disabled and execute Bit disabled atm, so that could be the deal.. brb testing it
  14. Unable to install kalyway 10.5.2 on MSI P35 Neo

    MacOSX + MSI IDE = Massacre... MacOSX + MSI SATA = Peaceful XD Yep Sata drive fixes the problem.