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  1. Seepositive


    I have a MA770-DS3 and have had the most success with various flavours of iDeneb. 10.5.6 has been the best thus far, though I'm going up to 10.5.8 tomorrow to see how it is. The biggest pain in the ass that I've had is with DVD drives. In order to install, I have to plug in my SATA dvd drive as master, but after installation I need to switch out to a PATA dvd drive to get anything vaguely resembling a decent burning speed. My best luck thus far for making the SB600 chipset work has been by using the ATIATA chipset driver included on the iDeneb disks....
  2. Seepositive

    So Close I Can Taste It

    This, and perhaps try safe mode (-x). Let us know what verbose mode (-v) sticks on and people around here can help a lot more.
  3. Seepositive

    My first Hackintosh for Video Editing

    I do similar work....and this man speaks the truth. I have an 8 core Mac Pro that was about as good as an iMac until I RAIDed it and upgraded to 8gb of ram.
  4. Seepositive

    LG GH22LS30 DVD Issue

    It doesn't work, just hangs.
  5. Seepositive

    case modding

    Many people have had success with micro or regular atx systems in G4 cases. It's a bit of a pain in the ass, but looks great. Keep ventilation in mind...The power supplies are the same size and a pc power supply swaps in quite easily, but for the fact that the plug won't line up out the back perfectly. One little cut and that's taken care of. I'm not sure about MicroATX, but with ATX you'll have to mount new motherboard screws (can't remember what those are called, the spacer thingies). Cheers, pop back and show us a pic.
  6. Seepositive

    LG GH22LS30 DVD Issue

    Same drive, same issue. SB600 chipset on a GA-MA770-DS3 board running XxX 10.5.6.... Finder, Disk Utility, Toast 9, Toast 10, LiquidCD, Toast 7pointsomething, no worky
  7. Seepositive

    USB problems when upgrading to 10.5.6

    Exact same situation here....have matching kernel and system.kext, switched seatbelt.kext. My system is 100% grand, but for this USB issue. It seems really random, too. I plug in a usb flash drive and my keyboard goes off...haven't been able to use my flash drives at all.
  8. Seepositive

    DVD Burner

    Same problem....and when I use Toast it starts but burns nothing. LG DVD-RW 22X on Sata.
  9. Seepositive

    Enable Unlock/Jailbreak in OS X 10.5.6

    Google indicates that it has something to do with the iPhone.
  10. Seepositive

    Final Cut won't install on my 10.5.6

    I'm not sure about this specific problem....but, it would be helpful to anyone that wanted to help you to give as much information about your system, your added kexts, etc. I presume that you've swapped the seatbelt.kext? I was having a terrible time getting Final Cut installed on 10.5.6 until I swapped out my system.kext
  11. Seepositive

    Geforce 9600 GSO (512mb ddr3) (G94) Working

    Aye, same results with my Asus EN9600GT a couple of weeks ago. QE, CI, rotation, dual displays......very pleased.
  12. Seepositive

    Does any1 have problems running Toast 9?

    Bump. Anyone? Same problem here....researching.......
  13. Seepositive

    x1650 agp and pcie

    Sherry, thanks for the info...though that was exactly what I was doing. I was asking more about the distro that you use. It was time to upgrade video cards anyway, so I've got a shiny new GeForce 9600 and no more x1650 woes. Cheers to everyone that contributed in this and the other 1650 threads.
  14. Seepositive

    9600GT 10.5.6 Resolution Switching issue!

    Thanks for the heads up, this worked brilliantly for me. IU didn't need to edit info.plist, just added the EFI string. Asus Geforce EN9600GT w/512 iniDeneb1.3 upgraded to 10.5.6.